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Janet Scott

Janet Scott

Thank you so much for your comments and being apart of the Chocolate and God community.  I so love hearing from all of you.


It’s amazing how God works as I’m in my car driving home and just listening to the radio. The DJ came on and started talking about chocolate and God and she started to talk about the reading from today on the website. I felt like God was talking to me through her reading this. Having a very rough day yesterday and thinking about things this morning hearing her read that reassured me and definitely made me feel much better. I know things happen in our life and we have no control over the things that happen and we lose our faith in God sometimes. But after Hearing that I know God is watching over me and he loves me. Thank you whoever you are for reading that at the perfect time.

A few weeks ago I went online searching for a daily devotional. What a blessing to find C&G! Every devotional posted has been right on for where I am in life today. Thank you, Janet Scott. Keep on! You are making a difference.

I want to say how perfect Gods timing is and how he somehow manages to be there for me at the exact right moment. I’ve been dealing with the lost of my family and have prayed for over 6 months for the restoration. It wasn’t until about 2 months ago I gave up holding on to my plan and decided to let God be God. Depressed still and crying in my car on my lunch breaks which have been my routine for so long, I cried out to God and told him “God,I don’t know for how much longer I will be in this situation, If this is the path I need to walk to lead me to you, let me tell you something, I will keep walking it! But would you please my Lord hold my hand and walk right beside me” I was listening to the Joy FM and heard your commercial how you have been a single parent for 14 years (and here I am in my first year and losing it). I looked up your blog and wow was I amazed. The perfect message, he is working the details and he does have a plan for me and my family, even if I don’t see it. Thank you for taking the time every day to write daily encouragements that reminds us God is with us. You truly touch people’s lives. God bless!

This year has been an emotional roller coaster. I’ve heard your segments on the JoyFM for sometime now but it wasn’t until a month or so I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to check out Chocolate and God. Every entry has pertained to me in one way or another. Finding this site has been such a blessing and encouragement with my walk with Jesus! Everyday I look forward to reading your daily post and see what God is saying to me through you. Have a blessed day!

I was on my way back from the hospital with my daughter who has trying to concur a fever when I heard your blog on the Joy Fm.GOd knows when to play that perfect message for you at the right time.It was about being in the wilderness.This post was the icing to the cake because not only am I in the wilderness I feel that God is trying to get my attention but I feel like I have so much going on in every direction that I don’t hear Him. I will continue to seek Him and I know I’ll hear Him soon!

I think it hard for people to truly put their trust in god; as for me I still think that sometimes I put my trust in god and then I look at the troubling sea in my world and then I start to get worried but I read god’s word and then I put my trust in him then again look at the troubling sea then it starts all over again.

You know some times it seems like in this race called life I just get puts from one pit into another; I cry onto God for one answer or other and when he answer me and I overcome the Satan, life just throw another bump in the road. So this post helped me a lot; Thanks.

There are days your email message drops right into my hands like a delivery from above, the messages so spot on, I swear you can see my thoughts even though you don’t know me. Your messages have helped me so much, I think Father loves it when we writers shape each others lives. Thank you for helping me on my journey with your kearned wisdom though a life lived close to Christ. You inspire me.

This spoke to me so well, I have been struggling and really need prayer about my conduct and attitude toward my husband and son. My inadequacies as a claimed child of God leave me feeling so frustrated with myself and in turn with them that i get so stressed and hurt their feelings when they hurt mine or do something i dont like or wouldn’t do, i know i need to love and forgive them and work on me but at same time i feel like their behaviors hurt me and make my time with the Lord and what i need to do for him getting further apart, please pray for me that my relationship with him will grow and in turn help me a better mother and wife instead of this angry stressed crazy woman that I am.

I needed to see read this today. I was struggling with a decision I was making last night. I prayed that I was making the right decision. I myself think I did make the right decision. I also read the book of Job a few years back and was utterly amazed at all Job endured. Would be a good book to read through again. Thank you Janet for these Words of Wisdom.

Thanks I needed to hear this to remind me that God does care. I was in a car accident that took away all my hope and dreams.

I really needed this today. We just found out 2 days ago that my husband has prostate cancer

I so needed this!!!!! We’ve been waiting for God to help us break through what seems like a giant brick wall to getting a house that we know God wants for us and everything that needed fixed up to this ”wall’ has been fairly easy and I start to lose hope and think maybe we were wrong that maybe it’s not God’s will for to have this house so we can fulfill the burden to help people that need a hand up not a hand out, and I’ll hear a song on the radio that God has always given me to let me know it’s all going to work out just like He said it would ( and it does) and then this bible study!!! THANK YOU ABBA FATHER!

This is so powerful and deep. Many times I have given up on projects due to fear. But I see that God used this message to remind me that I need to trust him and not my circumstances. Thank you for sharing! I just shared this message with other friends that might need God to push them into His purpose for their lives.

Exactly what I needed to see today. I really like this verse. I’m going to save it. Thank-you

Your devotions touch me and help me…Today I am identifying with the Lamentations…Each day with Christ is a new day…My DIL is an ovarian cancer survivor and we walk every morning…We have forged a bond between us due to her cancer and my age similarities and enjoy our each new morning in God’s outdoor presence so much…I will be sharing your written thoughts to her today…

Thank you Janet. Loved your devotion again today. I needed this today, a lot!  have a beautiful day!

Thank you for your encouragement always. I really enjoy your writings. If I may ask, I seek prayer for the salvation of my husband and the healing and restoration of my marriage according to the Word God had given me in Ezekiel 36 and Matthews 9:27……God bless you and thank you.

Thank you so much for your daily Bible study! I was doing the regular Bible study for a while, but I am so glad I switched to the Ladies Study! I love how it is aimed at women, and it helps me understand the scripture on a more personal level! Thank you and keep it up!

Thank you for your blog! i just heard your husband on the radio this morning talking about your blog and how proud he is of you!!! I loved all of the posts in this blog! im hooked, cant wait till tomorrow!

You’ve got great insights about biblical studies, keep up the good work!

I enjoy reading your blogs every morning. It starts my day out the right way.
I always seem to struggle with giving God my sin and starting fresh. I am not sure what God has in mind for me and I try hard to listen to God or look for signs but the funny thing is I always know that he is with me even when i am afraid to run the race. So what does hold me back. Good question to think about today. Thank you!

Thank you so much for this word today. I needed it. I have struggled with eating disorders off and on for well over 20years. I have done well fighting it with God’s help for the past 12 years. However over the past few weeks the symptoms have begun resurfacing. I know it is not what God wants for me and my family. I needed the reminder that the lies are from satan and the answer is God.

Oh my! Your post today so spoke to me. This has been a difficult period for me – as it has for many, but the phrase “Will you serve the God of “it’s up to me and or my spouse to ‘fix’ this so I will serve the god of frustration and more work and anger”?” jumped off the page at me! I hadn’t even realized that this was a part of the battle which I was fighting! I keep hearing God’s gentle voice to “Trust” – now I know why. I was trying to build a god called “I can do this myself.”
Thank you SO MUCH for this word today – I really needed it!

Every day you touch me with your writings, and it is simply amazing how often the bible study completely encompasses exactly what is going in my life. I just needed to tell you how much it means to me, and, I’m sure, to a lot of other people, that you have taken on this ministry of catering to the health of our hearts and souls. We have been blessed by your dedication to God’s word. You are a hero in so many ways. I find myself thinking, “What would Janet say?” Please know that you are appreciated, and that it is like you look into our souls, and find the words to soothe any doubts or hurts that may be hiding there. Your soul must certainly be filled with music from the Angels.
Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart, and keep up the excellent job you have been doing. I know it must not always be easy, but it is ALWAYS appreciated. May God always have His hand on you and your family.

I just came across this. Apparently it is a daily devotional? I look forward to spending time every day reading them. Thank you for the encouraging words of wisdom.

I will start by saying Thank God for “YOU” and your dailey messages! I find them a way to start my day with an extra Blessing. I am pretty much house bound, taking care of my Mom, so Please keep her in prayer. I am praying that they figure out what is wrong, and that God wants her healed. She is a Believer, so I know who’s hands she is in, I am just the helper!! I praise God that I am able.


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    October 6, 2015

    I just started reading your blogs just a day or so ago and it seems like youve been living in my closet because each one ive read has been right on with something im going through. Keep serving the LORD! You’re an inspiration! God bless you bunches!! ☺

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      October 6, 2015

      Thank you for your encouragement! I’m so glad you have joined us! God Bless,

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    Charity Giddens

    August 17, 2016

    Thank you for the confirmation today as I fasted and prayed this morning for strength and courage for my life. The podcast on marriage was uplifting and this devotional was spot on. Praise God he moves mountains!

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    Sheryl Johnson

    January 10, 2017

    I just simply want to say Thank you… your message today was right on time and meant for me… may God continue to Bless and use you to reach his children…

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    January 1, 2019

    Hey, I have one of your books and I’m not a mega fan but I need advice. How can I share Jesus with others? I don’t know how to bring it up to my friends? And their are a lot of boys at my school that a immature and I know that they either don’t know about Jesus or don’t want to hear about him! I really want to help but I wouldn’t want anyone yo feel uncomfortable!
    Sincerely, someone’s who wants to share the good news, Reba😕

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      January 1, 2019

      Hey Reba, It is fantastic that you are so eager to share God with your friends! I know it can be tough to figure out these days how to share with people who clearly don’t know Jesus. I would encourage you to just live your life out loud! There’s an old song by Stephen Curtis Chapman “Live Out Lout”. Most often the best thing you can do is live out what you believe! Dare to be different in the music you listen to, the words you use, the movies and tv shows you watch. When given the opportunity to speak into their lives, do it in love. Ask God to fill you with His love for them and to give you the opportunity and words. Usually, as tempting as it may be, beating someone over the head with a Bible isn’t very effective, so they have to want what you have by seeing that there is a difference and that difference is Jesus in you! Use your own testimony of how you accepted Christ as your savior when you share. Seriously pray for God’s guidance and opportunity and words and He will open those doors! God Bless, Janet Scott

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    May 18, 2020

    Janet, I normally am selective with different things I listen to on the radio whether targeted to women, step parent programs certain pastors and etc. I will be honest, your program or radio spots have been one I have ignored for years as it has promoted to be towards one given group, then over the past couple months, something changed. There were some really good thought provoking verses you brought up that have been the catalyst for devotionals I have been writing over the past couple months. This morning HIS Radio played a spot of yours where you were talking about Joshua having a conversation with God about ‘Devoted things.’ It has me thinking just about that idea of what are we devoted to? Is our devotion in things, plans, people, expectations or desires or is it in God in such a way that He would be the desires of our heart. Thanks for the thought provoking information. CAL

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    Pamela Rengering

    July 3, 2020

    I am not receiving your email anymore. Do I have to re sign up again.
    Thank you,
    Pam Rengering

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      Janet Scott

      July 3, 2020

      Hey Pam! Yes, please sign up again. We have a new set up for our email and it is so much nicer! Have a blessed weekend!
      God Bless, Janet Scott

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