What Solle Has Done for me and my health:

“It all began with our trip to Africa…….”

Most of us tend to think of parasites as something that messes up your stomach, but not all parasites attack there, they can cause multiple issues depending on the parasite. Somewhere along the line I must have been bitten by a tsetse fly and ended up with the Trypanosoma Brucei parasite that causes “African Sleeping Sickness”. I chose a natural doctor for treatment especially after finding out that if I took the medicine a medical doctor would more than likely give me there was only a 50-50 chance of surviving the meds.

I got weaker and weaker, I couldn’t even make it through the day without at least 1 nap. (These parasites attack your nervous system and just gradually shut everything down) After a few months of fighting this, the doctor told me that I had the first stages of Ovarian Cancer ~ great! What was one more thing … I was glad when he finally told me that looked clear several months later, but I was still getting more and more ill. I remember finally having a week where I called my sister Jean and told her I didn’t think I could make it one more week but the doctor must have finally found the combination that the parasite couldn’t protect itself from and I started feeling better!

Solle Naturals’ approach to making products that optimize our health by properly nourishing both our bodies and our minds is what made the difference. I needed something that would help my hormones, help my depression, and help me physically all at the same time and that is what finally made the difference! I needed to get my smile and my life back! I am sharing this with you because I know you are either in a similar situation or you know someone who is. I am so grateful my sister Jean shared these products with me and I want to be able to help others feel great again as well!

Take a minute to watch my video as I explain in detail how my life has changed. For all the details, check out MY OTHER site.