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Get Visibly Fit

Coach Wendie


I am excited to share I have invited Wendie Pett to join our Chocolate and God community.  She is a TV host, speaker, author and trainer/coach.  She loves the Lord and has such a heart to see women get healthy.  This is the reason I joined her group and she joined mine.  I’ll be taking a 7-week journey to health and fitness with Coach Wendie and a few other ladies.  Keep watching as Wendie will be offering some free things you can do to begin your own journey to health.  The next women’s group that takes the 7-week journey will be this coming April and we’ll have a link for more information should you have an interest.  I will be posting a video each Monday sharing my experience on this journey.  If you would like more information about the 7-week program I am taking with Wendie Pett, CLICK HERE.

More information will be posted over the next couple of days.  CLICK HERE for more information on Coach Wendie.  If you would like to receive “Drinks to ditch”, Coach Wendie would be happy to send you a list for free.  CLICK HERE.

Video Week Three:  Past videos, Week sevenWeek Six,  Week Five,  Week Four, Week Three,  Week Two,  Week One.

Wendie Pett – Visibly Fit

Check out this video from Wendie Pett, it’s pretty amazing.