A Clean Heart and Right Attitude Will Take You Further

by | Nov 22, 2020

Psalm 51: 10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Have you ever woke up in the morning and as you rolled out of bed you just knew that you were going to need God to change your attitude for the day?  Unfortunately, I have been there and a lot of the time I didn’t even know why I woke up in an irritated mood.  When that happens the best thing you can do is pray the prayer above and ask God to give you a clean heart and the right attitude.

Even if you have every right to be angry with someone or a situation, allowing a bad attitude and anger to fester will only cause you more problems and grief.  It is such a waste of energy to allow something like that to ruin your day.  When you allow anger and frustrations to consume your day you will usually find by the end of the day that you were not half as productive as you should have been and that other person or situation was not changed one bit by your frustrated attitude.  

As soon as you feel that frustrated spirit moving in stop and ask God to give you a clean heart and steadfast spirit.  Ask Him for His attitude, grace, and love for your situation.  Ask Him to help you focus on what you should be focused on today.  Don’t allow satan to rob you of your day by filling your mind with anger and frustration.  Give that person and situation over to God and ask Him to help you to be all He created you to be through it.  

The world is upside down and crazy right now and people are angry and offended everywhere you turn so we are going to have to be intentional in our attitudes and actions in order to shine God’s light in the midst of this darkness.  Don’t allow something or someone you can do nothing about to keep you from being who God is calling you to be today.  The world needs Jesus and the only way they are going to find Him is if we live the lives we are called to live in spite of the craziness!  Don’t allow satan to rob you of the opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet!

Quote:  “Evidence is conclusive that your self-talk has a direct bearing on your performance.”  ~ Zig Ziglar