A Huge Favor Needed

by | Sep 7, 2014

episode 2 LISTENLadies,

It’s seldom I ask for your help but today I am reaching out.  Bill and I are doing a new podcast called Reality At Home.  It’s a look at what really happens behind closed doors in our homes.  In the last 10 days about 700 people have listened to the podcast.

HERE IS THE FAVOR.  We need you to Rate and Review the podcast at iTunes.  It’s very easy and only takes two minutes.  You doing this could CHANGE someone’s marriage forever.  When enough people Rate and Review the podcast, iTunes begins to promote that podcast on their site.  This of course allows people to see our podcast and receive the hope for their family that they are longing for.  WE CANNOT do this without you.

Ladies, can Bill and I count on 50 of you to do this today?  Nearly 1300 woman will read today’s devotional and we are praying for 50 of you to join us on reaching out to those who are hurting.

When you CLICK HERE you’ll go to iTunes.  The picture below is what you are going to see when you arrive.  You can see the RATE AND REVIEW highlighted in the middle.  You have no idea how much this would mean to Bill and me today.  Our heart is to BUILD A BETTER FAMILY.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.17.38 PM

You can listen to this weeks podcast right here or by going to iTunes and listening there.  Please do us one more favor, share this on Facebook and with your friends.  This weeks podcast is “How To Be The Good Husband.”  Ladies, you’ll enjoy this podcast.



Janet Scott