A Little Advice Could Make a Difference

by | May 18, 2019

Proverbs12:15,   “The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.”


We all have areas in our lives where we could use some advice.  When you get to a point that you believe you are above the advice of others is when you typically find yourself in trouble.  Be sure that the advice you are receiving is godly advice, don’t just take the words of someone who claims to have knowledge in a given area.  

Usually, when we are unwilling to take advice or we are offended by constructive criticism it is because of our own insecurity in that area.  When I first started writing I found myself hurt and defensive (if not outwardly, I was inward), but then I began realizing how much I was learning by their constructive criticism.  We all want to think that we have it all together, but no one does!  Not everyone who has something to say is necessarily saying it to benefit you either.  They may be saying it or correcting you in order to make themselves feel better, but if it is something you can use, by all means, don’t take offense.  

If God has given you people to speak into your life, it is wise to take note of what they have to say and pray about it.  Find a godly mentor to walk through life with you!  Seek God on a daily basis!  Make sure that what you are thinking to be right hasn’t come from someone else coaxing you or brainwashing you into believing it.  Abusive people in our lives have a tendency to be good at that.  Ask God continuously to renew your mind with His thoughts.  

When it comes to a major life choice, seek godly wisdom.  There are everyday choices that we make that we don’t need to run to someone to get advice on, but if you are looking at making a move or getting married, etc., then seek some godly advice.  

First and foremost, every day, spend time with Him!  Ask Him what His dreams are for your life!  Ask Him to guide you in all that you do!  Trust Him knowing that His best is yet to come when you are by His side!

Quote:  “First we make our attitudes, then our attitudes make us.”  ~ Dennis Waitley

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  1. Dana

    Dear Janet,
    wonderful message- as always! <3 and, seeking wise counsel–always a good thing!
    blessings & hugs