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by | Oct 16, 2013

The Day Satan Called

The Day Satan Called

…. radio announcer Bill Scott answered the blinking request line.  A weak, timid, and very scared young girl began desperately pleading for help.  She said she was being held prisoner in a witch’s coven.  As she spoke, a voice that was clearly not human exploded from her lips.  Bill’s life would be changed forever.

With little practical knowledge of demon possession and no experience in exorcism, Bill and his wife invited the tormented woman to live with them,  naively believing that they could help here.  The Day SAtan Called is Bill Scott’s riveting account of the next eighteen excruciating months in his life.

He lived in constant fear.  Human and inhuman voices punctuated the night.  Noises. Threats. Cursing. Blasphemies. Objects falling and moving.  Doors opening and closing.  Strange visitors and callers.  Yet, he seized the opportunity to try helping the woman find deliverance.

This story of demon possession is unlike any other account you may have read about or seen in movies.  The hellish manifestations of malevolent spirits are chillingly familiar, but the author’s experience is  bizarrely unconventional.  The Day Satan Called is a frightening reminder of why so many sober minded people believe that evil and it’s dark kingdom of demons thrives in this earthly domain, discussed and cunning but here nonetheless.


Check out Bill’s book and get the story behind what goes on on Halloween.  I recommend reading it during the day.  It is a true story and an eye opening story of just how real the spiritual world is all around you and the Power of God that overcomes evil!

Check it out!

God Bless,

Janet Scott