A Place To Hide….

by | Aug 1, 2017

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Psalm 119:114
You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word.

Are you just so tired of it all already that you just want to find somewhere to hide? Have you had those days where you just want to throw in the towel and quit because the battle is too much? Trust me I have had my share of those days over the years.

I remember when my children were little (toddlers) having a couple days where I literally locked myself in the bathroom for a couple minutes to pull it together. I just needed a place to hide for a minute. There are times when life does that to me now as well; I need that proverbial bathroom to lock myself in to pull it all together. Well, here’s the deal; God wants to be that “hiding place” for you! When it feels as though it’s all falling apart or it is just becoming too much He wants to be your place to run to. He wants to be your protection (shield).  For example:  just this last week we had a horrible scare!  My granddaughter downloaded a game that had “chat” capabilities and somehow I missed it.  We have had a thousand discussions about not talking to anyone she doesn’t know whether it is online or elsewhere, but after several attempts to chat with her she caved in to this person. You also have to understand that she is not a rebellious child, she is typically very obedient and respectful, but these are adults who know the verbiage to use in order to lure these children away, they are masters at manipulation and brain washing.   One of the things that draws these human traffickers to these games to find kids is that they can chat without anyone knowing and it is more difficult to find the conversations and some are deleted as soon as they leave the game.  Fortunately her phone was connected to mine so I saw what was going on when they changed to texting and FaceTime, but it was after they had way too much information about her and our family, etc.  Praise God He revealed it to me or she could be gone, but it has been overwhelmingly stressful, knowing that they are after her, but praise God too for the fact that He is our comfort and shield of protection.  (If you have children or grandchildren playing online games I would encourage you to monitor them closely!)

God loves you so much and He knows how much you can take, the problems begin when you don’t run to Him. Sometimes we complain because we feel as though we have just had more than we can bare but what we refuse to acknowledge is that we haven’t run to Him or given it to Him we have tried to either do it all ourselves or we have looked somewhere else for the answers and then we wonder why He has allowed more than we can handle in our lives. He’s been there all the time, He has asked to be your protection and your hiding place and has told you that you will find hope in His word.

If you are feeling overwhelmed today I would encourage you to ask yourself if you have done what you can and then if you have, make sure you have given it all to God. Allow Him to work out the details that are overwhelming you. Don’t carry all of that on your shoulders, God wants to help. If there’s something you need to do He will show you but other than that pray and ask Him what you need to give to Him.

Spend time in The Word. Look for His promises and answers to your situation. If you pray that God will give you verses for your situation He will. Don’t give up if it takes you a few days to get your answers, He has a reason for His timing. Spend time alone with Him, listening and waiting, knowing that He loves you and He has a plan and it isn’t to overwhelm you and frustrate you it is for your good. The best is yet to come!

“If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.” Cavett Robert