Absolutely Nothing is Impossible With God ~ Don’t Lose Hope!

by | Nov 18, 2020

Luke 1:37, “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

Don’t lose hope!  Whatever it is that you are praying for that God has not given you an answer to, if you are praying within the will of God ~ Don’t Give up.  God is still the same God of Luke 1:37 and nothing is impossible with Him.  Let’s face it, the world is a crazy place right now, but God is still on His throne and that will never change so you can know that there is always hope found only in Him.  

So many people are drowning in fear these days.  How can you rise above fear?  You remind yourself daily of who it is you are following.  If you will stick close by His side you will find His peace and His confidence.  You can’t have His peace while you are off doing your own thing, you must choose to follow Him in all that you do.  

What are you praying for today that you have about given up on because it has either been so long or it seems impossible ~ it would actually take a miracle ~ God is the only one who can possibly make it happen?  Don’t give up!  Ask God to show up mighty in your life today so others can see and know that He is God.  Don’t give up and don’t live in defeat.  

How about that thing you have felt called to do for years but nothing has happened so you are wondering if you got it wrong.  Don’t give up!  Our timing is rarely God’s timing and if He put it in your heart then continue to seek Him in all that you do and keep your “Yes” on the table.  God still wants to use you and your story so seek Him with your whole heart.  Spend time alone with Him and allow Him to show you His plan.  I felt called to be a missionary when I was 12 years old and every time I thought, “Okay, maybe now it will happen”, nothing came of it.  One day after I had been writing chocolate and God Bible studies I realized that there were people all over the world reading them and I realized that God fulfilled that call I felt when I was 12.  No, I didn’t go to another country, God had another plan and His plan is always bigger and better than anything we could plan so don’t give up! 

God is so good and He loves you and absolutely nothing is impossible with Him so take it all to Him today and leave it there knowing that truly His best is yet to come!

Quote:  “Faith believes in spite of the circumstances and acts in spite of the consequences.”  ~ Adrian Rogers