Allow God to Fill Your Valley

by | Jun 21, 2012

2 Kings 3:18a  And this is but a light thing in the sight of the Lord:

The king of Judah, the king of Edom and the king of Israel were headed out to battle against the king of Moab and they had planned out a 7 day journey but what they hadn’t planned for was the fact that they were out there without water for all of that time.  They decided to go find Elisha to ask him what they should do because they figured maybe God had brought them all together to destroy them because they weren’t living for Him.  Elisha just told them to fill the valley they were in with ditches and told them they wouldn’t see rain or wind but God would fill the ditches with water for them to drink and that is where this verse comes in: “this is but a light (or small) thing in the sight of the Lord.

What valley are you facing?  Is it so overwhelming that you just feel as though you will be consumed by it and there will be nothing left of you? Dig in and hold on, WHATEVER you are facing it is but a small thing in God’s sight, He can move that mountain of finances or marriage problems or bring that child back or give you children.  What is it?  Ask God today to show you what ditches you need to dig.  Ask Him to go before you today and prepare and provide.  God owns it ALL nothing is too big for Him!

Ladies on those days you feel as though you have had all you can bare don’t give up; give it all to Him.  Satan loves to kick us while we are down and he will use whoever he can to do it.  Nothing makes him happier than for us to feel as though we are all alone in something that not even the people who should care do.  Don’t let him win, rise up and praise God that this is but a small thing to Him and know that He is in the process already of taking care of it!  He loves you and you need to understand this as well:  what you are going through is also NO small thing, it is a big deal to God and He cares enough to help you get through to the other side.  It is a small thing only in light of who God is not in how much He cares!

I would encourage you today to know that the best is yet to come!

Quote;  “Seek to do good and you will find happiness will run after you.”  James Freeman Clarke



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