Are The Coming Holidays Already Stressing You Out

by | Nov 14, 2016

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Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

So, the other day I was driving into town and heard a Christmas song come on one of our local radio stations! My instant thoughts were: “I love Christmas music! I love the Christmas season, but it is only the middle of November! Wait! It’s the middle of November? Oh my word! That means Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, I am trying to get the house ready to sell! Hopefully it will sell before the holidays, but wait Thanksgiving is a week from Thursday! I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas gifts! Oh shoot! I missed the song!”

It is so easy to get frazzled around this time of year with the holidays coming, which is really very sad! This is truly my favorite time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas! I love having family and friends around to spend time just enjoying each others company and celebrating God’s goodness! We all need to focus on what is important! I have a tendency to want everything to turn out “perfect” and often I put way too much pressure on myself and don’t allow others to help (I think Mary, Martha’s sister in Luke chapter 10 and I have a bit in common at times other than she wanted help). We need to constantly remind ourselves of what our priorities need to be. This should be a time to relax and enjoy family and friends! Relax! It is ok if your house isn’t perfect, if the pie crust is burned around the edges, if the milk spills, if you all have to squish around the table in order to fit, if it is loud and crazy, if you forgot to buy Whipped Cream. Take a deep breath and relax!

What we should really be focusing on is others! Is there someone in your church that doesn’t have family around that could really enjoy the holidays with you? Maybe you think your family is too crazy ~ Everyone’s family is too crazy! Don’t miss out on the blessing of sharing this time with others! I personally like to pack ’em in until Bill tells me to stop inviting people!  Maybe you are the one who doesn’t have family around and haven’t been invited anywhere ~ this would be a great time to find others who are in need or are alone and plan to share Thanksgiving by doing a potluck at your home, they need you too ~ squeeze them in there! Just have fun with it and Thank God for His goodness together! Whatever you do……. don’t miss out on getting together because you feel like you just can’t “handle” the craziness of family and friends, they could be gone one day and you will wish you had them!

Yes, Christmas is coming! It is right around the corner and it should be a time to enjoy His peace that passes understanding. It should do our hearts good. It should not be a time of stress and frustration. Relax, enjoy Him and ask Him to show you how to best serve Him through the holiday season, reaching out to family, friends and others with the Love of Christ!

“We may not be able to do any great thing, but if each of us will do something, however small it may be, a good deal will be accomplished.” D.L. Moody