Are You In Need of A “But God…” Moment? Trust Him

by | Feb 2, 2022

Job 14:1,  “Man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.”  

No one is exempt from problems as long as they are living on this earth.  Whatever you are facing today, you can know that there are others facing similar things and then yet others facing things that you may never be able to comprehend.  Life, as it says in this verse can be full of trouble, and let’s face it, satan is on the rampage right now stirring up all the troubles he can possibly stir up.  His days are numbered and fewer every day and he knows it.

One thing I have found when I am struggling is that it often helps to take the time to do something for others who are struggling.  It’s a great reminder that you aren’t the only one who is struggling and it also gives you a moment to be a blessing to someone else and that will always bless you if you have a heart for serving others.  

Whatever you are facing today, whether it is monumental or frustrating but not really life-altering, it still came to pass.  It will not be here forever so take a moment and ask God what you can learn from it and how you can use it all for Him.  Now, I must throw in here too, that there are some things in life that you may deal with for the rest of your life while you are here on earth, there are disabilities, and some things that happen that make no sense at all, like the unexpected loss of a loved one that nothing is going to change. BUT GOD can help see you through and He can take that heartache or challenge and He can use your story for good and for His glory.  Things just don’t happen overnight, like we wish they would, but God will bring it all to pass in a way that you can see His light through it all.  He wants to use your story for His glory, but you must give it all to Him and trust Him with it all.

No one knows trouble and heartache more than Job, but no matter what he faced He still chose to honor God through it all and God blessed him for it.  What happens to you doesn’t just affect you, it affects those around you too.  You are not really alone.  You may at times feel alone because satan wants you to feel alone, but God is there and He has people for you who care.  Don’t shut Him or them out.  Choose to walk with God daily so that anything that comes your way, you can trust Him to see you through.  He knows, He sees, and His desire is to bring you out better, but you must give it all to Him and leave it there knowing that it’s only in Him that you will find His best!

Quote:  “It’s in the struggle itself that you define yourself.’  ~ Pat Buchanan