Are You In Need Of A Little Lock Or A Deadbolt Today

by | Jun 3, 2015

Psalm 141:3
Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!

There’s not one of us here on earth who hasn’t allowed something to come out of our mouths that shouldn’t have! I have seen over the years how terribly destructive words can be and then I have also experienced the blessing and encouragement they can be. When Bill was doing our radio show “Xtreme Talk Live” we were appalled at things we were told that adults were still struggling with that their parents or teachers had said to them when they were young. Horrifying insults thrown at children by their parents telling them they were ugly or no better than a dog, useless and a burden they wished they had never allowed to be born! I spent many a Sunday night with tears running down my cheeks just not understanding how someone could cause so much pain in their own children and seemingly not care – it was obvious those parents grew up with a lot of pain themselves and were pouring out the sins of their fathers on their own children. How sad!

Every day we have a choice and ladies we may not be any where near as apt to use those kinds of ugly words with others but what are your “words of choice” when you feel that urge to snap? We all have our days and moments where it seems as though life has become so overwhelming and frustrating even if just for the day that it seems difficult to have a kind word in our heads. I really don’t get annoyed very easily but when I do it would serve me and those around me well if I would stop for a moment and pray the prayer above, “set a guard O Lord, over my mouth and put a dead bolt over the door to my lips!” Well, that was close to the prayer above, some times I need a little extra protection, just depends on whether or not it is just life or if hormones and life have attacked at the same time someone decided to push that last button of mine! This also goes for the words you speak to and over yourself!

Words can’t be taken back so if you are struggling in this area I would encourage you to ask God to give you his heart toward others and to help you check your words at the door of your lips. I know I have done Bible studies on this before but it must be we all struggle in some way with our words whether it is with others or with ourselves so let’s take the time today to ask God to help us in any way that we are struggling with our mouths and to give us wisdom in how to use our words to better serve him.

“A sense of humor snuffs out our sparks of friction before they get to our fuel tank.” Fred Smith