Are You in Need of a Visit From the Lord?

by | Aug 7, 2012

Genesis 21:1 The Lord visited Sarah as he had said and the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised.

Are you in need of a “visit from the Lord”?  Has He given you a promise that you are still waiting on or maybe you have even forgotten about it because it was a while ago and you have given up on the idea of it ever really happening?  He will bring it to pass. Trust me I am sure there were times Sarah probably thought that she had messed up too badly by first laughing when God said she would have a child in her old age and then by giving up and giving Abraham her maid to have a child with.  I am sure there were times when she figured God changed His mind, but He didn’t.  When God makes a promise He keeps it!

Maybe you are still seeking His promise, maybe right now you desperately need Him to visit you as He did Abraham and Sarah when He made His promise to them.  Don’t quit and don’t give up – seek Him with your whole heart, pour yourself into His word and seek godly counsel and ask Him for His promise for your life and He will show up!

God did not just randomly place any of us here on earth without a purpose for our lives.  God made each and every person born and unborn with a significant purpose to fulfill here on earth.  He created us and His desire has always been to have a close relationship with us – that can only come from spending quality time together.  Don’t neglect meeting with Him, don’t miss out by not doing your part.  Show up each day for your devotions, take time to pray each day and certainly open yourself up to His teaching so He can speak into your life!  God loves you – His desire is to direct you to help you be your best so if you will allow Him to work in your life the best is truly yet to come!

Quote:  “Do what you can,with what you have, where you are.”  Theodore Roosevelt