Are You Just Too Tired To Pursue That Dream Or Call Of God For Your Life

by | Jan 28, 2017

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Judges 8:4
And Gideon came to Jordan, and passed over, he and the three hundred men that were with him, faint, yet pursuing them.

Are there things that you feel called to do or things you would really like to accomplish sometime in this lifetime and yet you are overwhelmed with what is on your plate now? I have felt for the longest time as though I am supposed to work with women on a local level as well as writing. There are books in my head that need to be put on paper and published and there are lunches with friends that I just never even seem to be able to get to. I have felt like maybe, just maybe one of these days things will slow down and I will be able to focus on those things, but it just never seems to happen. Satan seems to bombard me with “stuff” that “needs” to be done and situations that are frustrating or overwhelming until I feel too exhausted to think about doing anything else!

Hmmmmmmm……. can you see it? What’s our problem? Are you tired? Are you overwhelmed with just the everyday? Are you desperate for a break? As Dr. Charles Keen once said, “Victories are won by those who are tired.” Just like Gideon and his army, we cannot concede to defeat! The place to start is with your priorities: are there things you have taken on that can and or should go? Are you putting too much emphasis on things that don’t really matter? (I hate clutter and right now we have crammed ourselves into living in our 600 sq. ft. of office space ~ talk about a mess to try to keep clean and uncluttered, that’s just not going to happen and yet I seem to be able to spend hours trying to make it happen!) Are you taking time for you? You need to make sure you have some down time in order for your mind to process everything better! My daughter told me that the other day she took a book and went and shut herself in the bathroom and sat in the tub with the curtain pulled and no water in the tub to be alone and read! I love it!!! What a great idea! Her husband was home and he could watch their 3 children for a bit, he finally found her, but obviously she needed a break ~ we all do! I had a friend who had 5 young children all of them being 8 and under and one day her husband came home and when he walked in the door, she grabbed the keys out of his hand, told him that dinner was in the oven and she would be back in about 3 hours! Sort out your priorities ~ don’t miss out on the call of God on your life for any reason! I know you are tired, but you will find peace and rest in following Him and His will for your life! I don’t feel like doing 1 more thing either, but the answer truly is to push past the “I don’t think I can do one more thing”, to “what God has called me to do, comes first”.

If you can just take the time to sort out what is most important, get those priorities in the proper order and then pray for the determination and strength to get going on what you are supposed to do, He will be there! Let’s not waste another day ladies on the things that need to take a backseat in our lives. Let’s make our lives count for all that God has called us to do! Our time is short and let’s be all we are called to be by allowing Him to show us what is most important to Him in our list of things to do!

“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Goethe