Are You Ready To Let Him Do What Seems Good To Him?

by | Sep 7, 2023

2 Samuel 10: 12. “Be of good courage, and let us be courageous for our people, and for the cities of our God, and may the Lord do what seems good to him.”

Joab and his army were surrounded by the enemy and he was encouraging his men to be confident and to fight with great courage and most of all to trust that God would do what seemed good to Him.

What battle or mountain are you facing in your life today?  What do you do when the odds are all stacked against you?  I think most of us have it down when it comes to pouring our hearts out to God for help, in fact, most of us are great at mapping out a plan for Him to fix that other person and/or situation!  Oh, if He would just follow our plan, this could all be fixed and over in a heartbeat!  No!  When we look at it that way, we are missing what could be best in our lives!  There are times when we need to pray directly and confidently when we are praying, for example, “Lord, this situation is just too much for me, I need you to guide me and fight for me and please give me the faith and confidence I need to get through this day, In Jesus name!”  God wants you to be confident in who He is and His love for you!

You can pray prayers like that all day and take the time to pray specifically for those things that way heavy on your heart!  How do you pray when it comes to other people like that “crazy” boss at work?  How about your spouse, how do you pray for him or her?  Do you pray that God will slap a knot on his or her head?  Do you pray that God will fix this and fix him or her and what bothers you?  Do you map out a plan for how He should handle every situation in your life?  I used to like to map things out for Him more often than I would really care to admit, like somehow He was oblivious to how it should all work in order for my life to be the way I thought it should be. So, I have learned to say, instead of all my pleading to do things my way and to fix things the way I think He should, “Lord, I want what you want!”  When things are heavy on your heart or you feel you deserve justice in a situation, those can be very difficult words, but they are the right words if you want God’s best for your life!  I find that quite often my prayer is actually, “Lord, help me to want what you want!  Help me to fully trust you and to lay all of this and all of the people I love in front of you and to wholeheartedly say ~ “I want what you want!”  

If we are truly going to trust Him and if we truly want what is best and right in our lives we need to be able to get to that point where we can just lay it all at His feet and trust Him totally with “it”!  It does get easier as time goes on, and I fully trust that it is the right and best thing to do with everything in our lives!  Ask Him to fill you with faith and hope. Ask Him what His dreams are for your life.  What does He want to accomplish in and through you?  Trust Him to bring about His best and then you can truly know that the best is yet to come!

Quote: “If what you believe doesn’t affect how you live, then it isn’t very important.”  ~ Dick Nogleberg