Are You Really Expecting God to Move

by | Jul 22, 2018

James 4:2

You desire and do not have, so you murder.  You covet and cannot obtain, so you fight and quarrel.  You do no have, because you do not ask.

How seriously do you take prayer?  How seriously do you take God?  How seriously do you take your own walk with God?  This chapter in James talks about how messed up their priorities were and how he was trying to teach them that they were seeking all of the wrong things with the wrong motives and on top of that instead of going to God for what they needed and wanted they were arguing, fighting and even killing for it.  I have watched other people and even Bill and I as we all go along, fussing over something we may need in our lives and yet instead of really going to God and asking Him to provide it, we whine and carry on about, “well, once we have the money, we will do this or go to the doctor for that, or buy the things we need.” and all along, we never ask God to do something miraculous!

We love to ‘talk’ about how mighty God is, but how much do we believe it and act on it?  Do you ever truly expect God to move in such a mighty way in your life that others will look on and glorify God or do you waiver with your faith on that concept?  God wants us to trust Him, He wants to show Himself mighty in your life so others will believe.  The United States has become such a wayward country that we need some miracles here to remind people of who He is.  We need to live our lives in such a way that we are open to His blessing and favor!  

What is your walk with God like?  Do you take your walk seriously or is He just someone you slip into your life on Sundays and when it is convenient or necessary?  How would you feel if someone you loved treated you that way?  If you want God’s blessing on your life then start living like it!  Don’t treat Him like He is the convenience store down the road, treat Him like the Father He is, who loves you and cares for you and wants His best for your life!  

How many marriages do you know that have struggled over finances at some point or maybe have even ended because of money?  We all have more than likely at some point had a tif or two or have been so stressed out that we argue over stupid things to cover up the real issue.  Take it to God, leave it there, do what you can with what you have and leave the rest to Him but don’t fight over it!  Don’t allow Satan to have a foothold in your relationship with God or other people because of finances or other needs.  You have not because you don’t ask!

We need to seek God in all that we do.  We need to trust that when we take something to Him that He will give us what is best and by that I mean what He sees as best.  He sees the big picture so we need to fully trust that He knows and will always do what is right and best when we are fully putting our trust in Him.  When we truly give our hearts and lives to Him and we ask Him to do what needs to be done we can always count on the fact that the best is truly yet to come! That doesn’t mean there are never struggles. He has a plan, He isn’t finished with you and He will perform all that He had planned for you when He created you if you will just trust Him for it.  When you are walking with Him, then you can go boldly praying for all that you need, knowing He will always do what is best for you!


“Faith believes in spite of the circumstances and acts in spite of the consequences.”  Adrian Rogers

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  1. Dana

    Dear Janet, what a wonderful, timely message! God bless