Are You Restless?

by | Aug 31, 2012

Philippians 4:11  Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am in, to be content:

Are you content, I mean truly content?  Are you happy with what you are doing right now?  If you are truly in the spot right now that you know God placed you in then it is time to dig in and do what you are called to do with all your heart and be content in it.

It is easier said than done at times, trust me I get that; since Bill and I closed down Xtreme Youth Alliance where I was the Executive Director I have had times when I have really struggled feeling as though what I do isn’t “enough”.  I have worked hard for years especially as a single Mom for 14 years so when I was faced with being home, even though I believe that is one of the highest callings a woman can have, I struggled with feeling as though I no longer had a purpose.  Now the funny and quite amazing thing about that is: Number 1; I love being able to be home and Number 2; I am not sure when I would have time to do something else between taking care of Bill’s Mom who has cancer, helping out my children with our grandchildren, Ryan is 15, just those everyday household chores and my love for writing Chocolate and God and of course I have Bill (need I say more).  🙂

God really convicted me one day that I needed to stop looking for a different purpose and do what He has obviously called me to do right here, right now with my whole heart and soul!  We all need to stop feeling as though we are defined by what we do instead of who we are in Christ.  God’s definition of who you are is all that matters.  You could have a high profile job but if you aren’t doing what you are called to do or if you aren’t doing it for Him, will it really matter in eternity?  Are you really making a difference?

There are times we don’t feel content and that can be from God because it is time to move on to something new, but be sure that it isn’t you wanting out of where you are.  God’s blessings on our lives can sometimes be held up just by our own discontentment trying to work something out other than the will of God in our lives.  Pray today and ask God if you are where you are supposed to be if you are feeling frustrated, if you ask He will let you know.  If you are then do whatever you do with all that you have and be the best at it that you can be.  Daniel could have been focused on being miserable in captivity but instead he chose to study to be the best he could be in the circumstances he was given and he chose to have the best testimony he could possibly have doing it! That is how we need to look at life.  We need to dig in and realize that the reason God’s hand was on everything some people did in the Bible was because they put their heart and soul into doing everything He called them to do, they weren’t whining and fussing asking for something different because they didn’t “feel important”!

Remember today – What you do is important if you are truly following God and are in His will!  It doesn’t matter what any one else has to say or think, they cannot look down their nose at you because you are called by the almighty God to do exactly what you do.  There aren’t any insignificant jobs if we are doing them for the Lord!  Hold your head high and do what you are called to do as though God Himself were standing right next to you watching!

Quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Theodore Roosevelt