Are You Tired of Waiting?

by | Apr 11, 2013

Ruth 3:18a

Then said she, “Sit still my daughter until you know how the matter will fall.”

Are you having difficulty sitting still?  I am!  I read this verse this morning and it just pierced my heart – God’s working.  Pause there for a minute, did you catch that?  God’s working!  God is working on you, God is working on your behalf, and He is working it out!  I don’t know what IT is for you in fact this morning I don’t even know what IT is for me, but whatever IT is, I know God is working.

I have been feeling lately like God keeps saying, “if she could just get ‘this’ there is just so much I could do.”  Is there something like that in your life?  Something that you struggle with, maybe your self esteem, maybe it’s a label someone has tagged you with so you don’t feel like you can be used by God or maybe you have given up on something and God hasn’t given up on it yet.  What is it?  God isn’t finished with you yet so therefore He is still working on your behalf.  He is still working out that plan He has for your life and He will bring it to pass!  You know how I know that?  You are still here and you are obviously still seeking Him on some level or you wouldn’t be seeking out a Bible Study.

The toughest thing for me to do is to sit and wait for anything!  I want to have my hands in IT and I want to fix IT and I want what ever It is fixed now!  Maybe that is why right now, He hasn’t told me personally what my IT is that He is working on so I will keep my hands off it!  The awesome truth is though He is working and I just keep praying that God will help each of us learn the lessons He has for us without having to go through a tough lesson due to our stubbornness.  I like the lesson much better when He just speaks to my heart and says, “this needs to change!”  If only all lessons could be that way.  Unfortunately sometimes the only way for us to learn something is to experience it, I pray that isn’t the case right now.

God is just still working on me, thank goodness.  Sometimes, like today even, these studies just beat me over the head, that’s how you know they aren’t my words, I pray daily that God will use them to help each of us get to where we need to be and that God will give each of us the strength to become the women of God we need to be so we can be the difference in our homes and communities!  Change has to start somewhere Ladies but the only change you can really count on is that change that you allow God to do within you!

I encourage you today to “sit until you know how the matter will fall.”  If you know what it is that you are waiting on for God to work on, know that He hasn’t forgotten and He is working on it for you today!  It is closer than you think so don’t lose hope; hang on because the best is yet to come!

Quote:  “If what you believe doesn’t affect how you live then it isn’t very important.”  Dick Nogleberg