Are You Trying To Do Too Much

by | Mar 25, 2023

1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not a God of disorder but of peace ~ as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people.

We all tend to love order, whether or not we are great organizers or not we still love order.  We would all love to have a house that has a place for everything and everything in that place.  God loves order too in our lives, but in the more important things than just how clean and organized our house is.  

Are you a collector?  I don’t mean a collector of things, I mean a collector of tasks!  Do you have a difficult time saying “NO” to new tasks?  Not every opportunity to do something is for you to do!  I have that tendency at times.  Some people collect activities and other people seem to like to pass them out.  What’s crazy is that I have had times when I have said “no” to something because I knew that it was not what God was calling me to do and the other person was irritated by the fact I said “no”.  I don’t answer to others, I answer to God and so do you!  It is just as wrong to take on tasks that are not yours to take on as it is to not do something you know God is calling you to because, at a certain point, you will find you aren’t doing anything well. Balance in life is the key, being a workaholic is not a good thing either!  God not only wants your best in what He has called you to, but He also wants His best for you and it isn’t found in getting so busy that you can’t see straight!  

If you have a family, that is your first responsibility above all else; above those organized sports, above piano lessons, above Disney World, even above taking on too much ministry.  I know that can be a touchy subject, but if God gave you a family, that is your first ministry and your first responsibility.  Families are struggling today so you have to fight for yours!  Those people urging you to be more active aren’t responsible to God for your priorities, you are.  You are the one who will stand and answer.  Believe me, this is as much for me as anyone!  I have a tendency to be a bit ADD when it comes to “doing”, no matter how busy I already am, I will see something else that needs to be done that no one seems to be doing and I pounce on it without stopping to think if it is even a reality that I can do all of that!  Stop it!  We all have limits and God expects us to set boundaries around them!  

So, if you are like me and seem to have a problem with ordering your activity, I would like to encourage you to take some time this afternoon and ask God to help you sort out what needs to stay and is from Him, and what needs to go, regardless of what others think!  God wants your best, not your business!  As the old saying goes, “if the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy!”  Slow down, not every task or opportunity is for you, pray about it!  The best is yet to come if you will just let go and follow Him!

Quote: “Often he who does too much, does too little.”  ~ Italian Proverb