Be Careful What You Meditate on and Speak

by | Sep 22, 2012

Psalm 19:14  Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.

One thing that would help us all be a little more careful with what we say would be for us  to constantly have the awareness that Jesus is a part of our conversation.  If we could see Him standing there would we say the same words and think the same thoughts?  It is unfortunate that we are not more consciously aware of His presence all the time!

Do you or someone you know struggle with words that are spoken out of anger or maybe just out of pure rebellion?  Our words are powerful and we need to be more careful what we say to others, what we say to ourselves and sometimes maybe even our choice of what words we  use on a regular basis.  Are your words you use on a regular basis the same words you would use if you could see Jesus standing there listening? Hmmmmmm, it may be time to make a point of thinking about that.

We will all answer one day for every idle word that comes out of our mouths.  Are your words used to build up, edify and show the love of Christ when you are at home or are they used to tear down, control and manipulate?  It is strange when you think about the fact that young people so often use that tone and crass words when they are out with friends and when they get home they turn back into “respectful” people because they know they can’t get away with it there and then when they become adults the table turns and the crass words and bad attitudes are used on the people at home and the respectful attitudes are held for acquaintances, friends and anyone else outside the home.  Neither situation is right, our words need to always be words that would be acceptable in Jesus sight!  If anyone deserves to see the love of Christ through us it should be our spouses and family first and then the rest of the world.

Now the other question of the day would be: what do you allow yourself to meditate on?  Are your thoughts something you could sit down and talk to Jesus about over coffee?  Are they thoughts you could share with your spouse?  Who are you thinking about and or what are you thinking about?  Is there someone other than your spouse that is on your mind all the time, or maybe the latest gossip takes priority over what is going on in your child’s life or have you allowed yourself the opportunity to be looking at things you wouldn’t look at if you were sitting next to Jesus?  Be careful Ladies to take your thoughts captive and to watch your words so they can be pleasing in God’s sight!

Take the time today to stop and think before you say something or before you allow your mind to meditate on something.  Imagine Jesus just hanging out with you all day because He is whether you want to choose to see Him there or not.  Pray that God will give you authority over your tongue and your thoughts.  You can have victory if you choose it, don’t allow the open door of a lack of self control into your home!  Satan is looking for a way to get to your family, don’t allow it to be through you because of your thoughts and words.  God promises us all victory if we seek Him!

Quote:  God is not as interested in changing your circumstances as He is in changing you.

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  1. william banks

    Timely subject…. Think I will use this topic come next round at the jail. My partner and pastor and I go to jail ministry once a week. The got this thing bout Respect. So, this follows very closely to that.