Be Careful Who You Run With

by | Aug 12, 2019

2 Chronicles 20:37. Then Eliezer the son of Dodavahu of Mareshah prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, “Because you have joined with Ahaziah, the Lord will destroy what you have made.”  And the ships were wrecked and were not able to go to Tarshish.


Be careful ladies who you make your alliances with! That new friend you have or that new partnership may seem ok, but be sure you have prayed about it.  Now, I am not saying you have to pray about each and every friendship you are developing, pray for them ~ yes, but I am not trying to develop a paranoia here.  The fact is we all know when we get that little prick in our spirit that says, ‘you need to be careful with this one’, and we need to listen to that and pray about it.  There are people that come into your life that may need you, so I am also not saying you should never have a friend who isn’t saved or not walking with God, but you do need to be putting your friends at Jesus’ feet and ask Him what role you play in their lives and vice versa.

We have a little dog (Finnish Spitz) named Taz and he is just precious and loves everyone and loves other animals.  Every day he used to run to the back of the yard where there is a white fence that circles the neighbors back yard and the neighbor dogs would meet him at the fence and they would run back and forth along the fence, racing. They would all bark at each end as they turned around and would run the other direction!  It was hysterical to watch. The neighbor dogs would even call him out in the morning if they didn’t see him and he would whine until he could get out there and run with them.  One day, I stepped outside just as he was finishing racing with one of the small dogs, but I didn’t see the German Shepherd that was usually out there until he came running around the end of the fence ~ on THIS side of the fence!  Taz was so excited to see him and he went running up to meet him and the German Shepherd quickly wrestled him to the ground and grabbed him by the throat and held him there.  I, of course, headed that direction and so did his owners and I feared the worst.  When he let Taz go, Taz ran to the house with his little tail between his legs.  Taz was fine, he was just covered in slobber, Luke was just playing with him and showing him who was boss, but Taz learned that they weren’t quite the friends he thought they were.

There will be friends that you will walk close with that will be pillars in your life and you will help each other grow closer to God and you will strengthen each other!  There are other friends who are like Luke, the German Shepherd, who may be friends that you want to have a “fence” between you.  Learn and pray to be discerning when it comes to people in your life!  Some people are only meant to be there for a season, others will be there for a lifetime.  Don’t allow friends to come between you and your walk with God!  There are partnerships and friendships that are meant to be a bit distant and that is ok,  but it is a good idea to always be in prayer about it.  Allow God to lead you in this area, King Jehoshaphat made an alliance with the wrong people and it cost him.  Your success doesn’t depend on that other person, it is dependent on God and God alone!  

On another note, make sure you aren’t blocking out a new friend because you are comfortable with all of your old friends you have had for years, so you just don’t see a reason to allow another lady into your circle.  God may be bringing that other person into your group for a reason.  He may be wanting to use you both to help each other grow to a whole new level in Him!

Take the time today to pray and ask God to guide and direct you in all that you do and for discernment about the people in your life!  Allow Him to give you direction in all of your relationships.  Love people with the heart He wants you to love them with! 


Quote:  “Regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful on it!”  Zig Ziglar

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