Blessed Are The People Whose God Is The Lord

by | Aug 29, 2014

Psalm 144: 15
Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall! Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!

So, who is your God today? Maybe today would be a good time to take inventory and ask yourself a few questions:
1) Who and what are first and foremost always on your mind? (That’s your God)
2) When it comes to your priorities where does spending time alone with God fit?
3) Is it more important to have your own way or to follow God? (maybe you are your God)
4) If God takes someone or something from you will you still serve Him? (if not, that’s your God)
~who or what just crossed your mind in a flash when you read number 4 that you feared losing? Pray about that, we all tend to have that little fear rise up in us, give it or them to God.
Everyone wants God’s blessing on their lives, but maybe first you need to define who your God is! If The Lord isn’t really your God, then why would you ask Him for His blessing on your life? Ouch! The Israelites were forever being swept away by the ‘gods’ of the other people of the land they lived in, they were a bit fickle, but somehow when we make other people and other things, other than God in our own life number 1, do we see ourselves as fickle? The Israelites would get hauled off into captivity and would beg God for mercy and He would bring them back to His blessing. God would love to bring you back to His blessing as well, but maybe you need to see if you have really made Him your God!

As crazy as it may sound, it could be something as simple as an attitude that you are bound and determined to have! Maybe you are dealing with a lot of hurt from the past and instead of allowing God to mend your broken heart you have decided that you are going to hold on to that hurt and you are going to be tougher than you have ever been. If the church hurt you then you are never going back, not even to another one. If it is hurt you are holding on to, I would encourage you to give it all to God and allow Him to heal you and mold you into all He has created you to be. Don’t hold on to that poison, it will only make you bitter.

There’s so much pressure to be super Woman or Man these days that it is easy to get too busy to “fit Him into our schedules”. If that is the case for you then you are truly too busy and something needs to go! Learn to say, “no, I can’t do that right now, my plate is full” and walk away without feeling guilty if you are doing what you are called to do and need to do then there is someone else out there that can fill the need you are saying no to. Don’t neglect your walk with God for something else, no matter how important it may seem at the time, nothing is worth that!

God so wants to be your God today! Just because you have accepted Him as your Savior, if you have, doesn’t mean that you have truly made Him your God. How is that possible? Well, it happens when we allow anything or anyone else to take His place as number one in our lives! He loves you and He wants to be number one because then everything else in your life will fall into the place it was meant to be in.
I would encourage you today, don’t waste another day, to truly seek God and make Him your God! Don’t allow anything or anyone else stand in the way. True blessing will come from living a life that is filled with Him and allowing Him to mold you into all He created you to be, nothing else will fill that void!

“Wisdom is knowing the right path to take… integrity is taking it.” M.H. McKee