Choose To Not Be Easily Offended

by | Nov 21, 2015

Ephesians 4:32
And be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.

Do you walk in forgiveness or offense? Does every little thing someone else says or does bother you? Do you have a tendency to allow things to just roll off or do you hang on to offenses? Don’t be easily offended! We need to have our focus on God and not on every little thing others say and do. Now the really tough thing is to not allow yourself to get offended when someone else gets offended with you over something you said or did with a heart that was never intending to offend! Did you follow that? We could just keep the ball rolling with one offense after the next and one more person being rolled up in it all if we don’t just get a grip!

I have watched as some people seem to get offended over the silliest of things and then they hold onto it until the grudge is so overwhelming they can hardly stand to be in the other persons presence. We are talking silly things here, like: “have you noticed she had to ‘one up’ my story?” “I put my daughter in that dance class and now she has to put her daughter in it, why can’t she find her own” “Did you hear what she just said to me? I am sure she said she liked my outfit just to be spiteful!”

Give others the benefit of the doubt and stop taking what they say and adding an attitude to it that you don’t even really know exists! What purpose does it serve to make more out of something than is really there. Life on earth is too short to allow every little thing to offend you, seriously move on!

When you feel as though someone else is doing something or saying something just to be hateful, ask God to help you show them the love of Christ! Ask God to show you how to be kind to them and forgive them. If you deal with someone who is just incredibly spiteful and mean, ask God to give you a tender heart toward them so you can be who you need to be! We are called to forgive ladies and we are called to be kind, we all wish some people didn’t make those callings so difficult at times but that’s life. There are too many really important things to dwell on without making something out of nothing or taking things to heart that are better allowed to just roll of your back! If you find you are easily offended ask God to show you what insecurities or hurts you have buried in your heart that are causing you to feel that way. Ask Him to heal your pain and to help you forgive! Don’t waste another moment allowing the emotions of offense and unforgiveness to rule your day! Take control of those emotions and focus on God!

“A person is not defeated by their opponents but by themselves.” Jan Christiaan Smuts