Choose To Walk Close By His Side…

by | Apr 20, 2021

Psalm 25:5 Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you, I wait all the day long.

The toughest times in life are most often those when you decide to wander off on your own with no real direction other than you are just going to do your own thing.  I remember back, years ago that first year after my divorce.  I had been told that quite often when someone gets a divorce they seem to act like a crazy teen for about a year but I was certain that wouldn’t be me after all I was walking closely with God, I would never do that!  Famous last words!  I didn’t really act out of rebellion, I acted out of no longer having direction.  There was a part of me that was frustrated because I felt as though I had been doing everything I knew to do that was right in walking with God and yet my marriage fell apart, my husband was not the man I thought he was and he was living a double life.  I wasn’t acting out but I wasn’t walking with direction from God after my divorce for a few years, I wasn’t rebellious I was lost with no direction because I was angry over how things turned out and I wasn’t allowing God to lead me.

When we are hurt or angry or things just seem to be a mess in our lives or maybe even scary, we need to draw close to God and ask Him to lead us and teach us what we need to know.  He is the God who saves and He is the God who wants to lead and direct you. Leaving that situation wasn’t wrong, my choice to not allow God to lead after my divorce was where I made the mistake.  Wandering off on your own will only bring more heartache and frustration.  God knows the path you need to take, He knows how to heal your wounded heart.  Don’t allow Satan the opportunity to get a foothold on your life, he will do his best to destroy what is left.

This is a tough lesson to have to learn the hard way because you will find you will forever look back wishing you hadn’t wasted so much time wandering aimlessly in life accomplishing nothing.  If you are going through a divorce, don’t walk alone, find a good Godly life coach or counselor to walk with you and keep your focus on God.  If you are hurting or scared please take a moment and think about what lies ahead……. is it worth throwing away all the good that could be around the bend to act out your hurt and fears or can you give it all to God and allow Him to heal as you walk with Him.  Don’t waste a year or a month, or day or even a moment ~ life is too short ~ allow God to lead you and deliver you.  Allow Him to give you that much-needed direction again in your life!  Don’t allow Satan to destroy more than he already has!  Hold on to the one who loves you cares enough to be your salvation!

Quote: “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”  Will Rogers