Crazy Days!

by | Oct 11, 2014

Psalm 62:1
Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation.

If only we could truly train ourselves to do this on a daily basis! I am still learning to “silently wait for God and rely on Him for salvation” from every day struggles. There are days that we all have where we can relate to the old “Calgon” commercial where the woman said, “Calgon take me away!”

Yesterday, I woke up and had every intention of getting a crazy amount of things done….. hahahahah. My daughter and her husband had just come back from vacation and we had watched their dogs while they were away so I took one look at Ryan’s (our 17 year old) sleepy eyes when he got up, realized Abby was home from school all day for Fall Break and decided we were not doing “homeschooling”, Ryan was going to have Fall Break too and do some chores to help me out and take care of all 6 of our combined dogs! Well, it started pouring down rain and I had to meet a woman to buy something from her for one of the Grandchildren, so we ran to do that, we got back and found that the plumbing issue we are dealing with can no longer be ignored, we have water coming through the ceiling. I threw some laundry in the wash and decided that the paperwork I need to do online and my classes at Light University were going to have to take a backseat for the day because Bill called and he missed his flight in VA to get home and there were no other flights. So, in between phone calls with him trying to help him figure out a way to get home, I was working on the plumbing issue upstairs when Brian and Candace and children came home from vacation! Yay! I love having my children and grandchildren here, they all always brighten my day! Brian took over looking at the plumbing while I held the baby. Fortunately one of our great friends Mark Giles just happened to be in VA where Bill was with one of his bands so Bill was able to catch a ride home with them, ok Janet change gears mentally a moment ~ now you don’t pick him up at the airport at 4 you pick him up somewhere nearby around 2:30 AM so don’t make the chili for dinner, change that to Sunday…… now what should I make for dinner, no one feels like pizza and I don’t feel like fixing anything for a houseful either. (A nearby Mexican restaurant will have to do!). Back to the moment for now though, dinner isn’t for a few hours, Brian and Candace need to take the rental car back so Jess and I watch all of the grandchildren….. who is that at the door making all the dogs bark? Raiden (4) loves to knock on the front door when he gets home so someone will answer it and let him in ~ they all love to ring the doorbell! 🙂 All 6 grandchildren trying to entertain themselves while it is gross and wet outside and Bill still not so happy on the phone because this was going to be a crazy long day for him! In the midst of it all somehow I still did laundry, cleaned one of the bathrooms, cleaned half of the hardwood floors and we all survived! We ate dinner together and had a great time, Bill made it home safe and sound and the house is still standing.

I woke up though at 2 and thought to myself that I just needed something comforting, I turned on the light, grabbed my Bible ~ opened it to read and realized I left off in the Song of Solomon and there was just no way I was going to read any mushy, lovey dovie stuff in the middle of the night after the day we had, so I just sat there and thought about how fortunate we are that God cares! He was there for Bill by having a ride home for him or else he wouldn’t have made it home until sometime today. I have six very healthy grandchildren and all of our children live here in the area so we can see them all, all the time! He allows us to bring absolutely everything to Him and He cares! God is good, He is so good!

No matter what you may be facing and trust me, I know that the things we dealt with yesterday are very basic things compared to what some of you may be facing daily, but if God cares about our crazy little daily struggles how much more does He care when you and I are facing more serious struggles!? Allow this verse to sink in and may we all learn do “silently wait for God” because our salvation in all things truly comes from Him!

“It’s in the struggle itself that you define yourself!” Pat Buchanan