Dance in the Rain

by | Apr 19, 2012

Job 23:10  But He knows the way that I take; When He has tested me I shall come forth as gold.

Do you ever get frustrated wondering when those things and people that irritate you will go away?  Do you ever just wonder why it is that some people just have to continue to rub you the wrong way even if you don’t even know the person?  Well, as my 3 year old granddaughter would say, “here’s the deal”; you are going to keep facing the same things and same types of people until you learn to handle the situation right.  You will never flunk out of God’s school because you will keep taking the same test over and over until you pass it.

Spiritual growth is about learning to do right even when we don’t feel like it.  It is all about being more like Christ today than you were yesterday or last week and especially last year.  Those irritations you keep facing are allowed by God to help you grow.  If you keep acting out over the same situations then until you can handle them in a godly way you will keep facing them.  (It’s too bad schools don’t still operate that way.)  Spiritual growth is also about learning to not allow our emotions run our day.  There are a lot of things you may feel like doing that you need to restrain yourself and there are probably even more that your emotions would tell you not to do that you need to discipline yourself to do anyhow.  The “I just don’t feel like it” feelings have to go and we need to replace it with, “whatever you say to do Lord, I will do – feel like it or not”.  Growth comes through obedience.

We can’t treat the server at a restaurant horribly on Sunday after church and expect God to look down and smile.  Next Sunday He may just allow you to have a really tough server that tries your patience on a whole new level!  My daughter Candace and I were out one day and we had a server that was terribly rude and she spilled stuff on me and she forgot to put our food order in and she forgot my drink and well let’s just say if she could have done something wrong – she did! It was so bad the manager came out and apologized and offered free food but I said “no” and a man from another table told her he couldn’t believe we laughed through all of what she put us through!  We were having a bad day so fortunately for us that is all we know how to do in those type of situations is laugh!  We didn’t think the day could have gotten much worse and then we had her for a server – too funny!  That isn’t my area of weakness, my area of weakness is when I feel threatened in a relationship by someone outside the relationship, all my claws come out and I take the Lioness mode to a whole other level instead of trusting God to protect and work in the situation.  I also get frustrated in financial situations having to learn to have more faith that God knows what we need and He will provide!  I am working on those and I know that until I learn to give it all to God He will keep allowing me to face some of the same situations.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself what it is in life that you seem to keep facing and give it to God and just ask Him to help you get through the next situation so you can move forward.  If you want to be rid of the situation you will have to give it to Him!

Quote:  “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…. it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”  Anonymous

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  1. christine cameron

    Thank you Janet! This is so true. I never realized that was what God was doung to me
    i guess i must be growing in some ways as the teaching changes in intensity.
    Thank you Lord for teaching and never getting tired of it.