Day and Night ~ Remember Who He Is

by | Apr 4, 2023

Psalm 113:

Praise God!

Servants of ADONAI, give praise!

Give praise to the name of ADONAI!

Blessed be the name of ADONAI

From this moment on and forever!

From sunrise until sunset

ADONAI’S name is to be praised.

So, these verses pose a great question:  Do you praise Him even when everything in your life is going wrong?  When those storms of life come rolling through do you praise Him or do you complain that He allowed it or even get angry with Him?  No one wants to go through those horrible seasons in life, but approaching them with a heart of praise will make all the difference in how you come through it.  If we get in the habit of praising God night and day regardless of our circumstances how much different do you think our lives would be and the lives of those around us?  The best way to keep from having that heavy, heavy heart is to keep your heart and mind fixed on Him.

So, regardless of your circumstances good or bad, the best way you can begin and end your day is by praising God because:

ADONAI is high above all nations,

His glory above the heavens.

Who is like ADONAI our God, 

Seated in the heights,

Humbling Himself to look on heaven and on earth.

He raises the poor from the dust,

Lifts the needy from the rubbish heap, 

In order to give him a place among princes,

Among the princes of His people.

He causes the shielders woman

To live at home happily as a mother of children.

Praise God!  (Psalm 113:4-9)

Reminding yourself of who God is everyday, morning and night will change your perspective on every day of your life!  That is why we are called to praise him every single day all day long because He deserves our praise and He wants us to remind ourselves of who He is so we will trust Him and have the faith we need for any occasion that arises!  Nothing is too difficult for our God so praise Him in those storms and praise Him on that mountaintop and remind everyone around you of how great He is!  Just try it for a day, a week, a month ~ put some praise and worship music or just pray and praise Him for who He is and watch how your relationship and your trust in Him grows! 

Quote:  “Worship is more than singing beautiful songs in church on a Sunday.  It is more than instruments and music.  As a true worshipper, your heart will long to worship Him at all times, in all ways and with all your life.” ~ Darlene Zschech