Do Not Fear ~ Grab On To The Peace of God

by | Mar 13, 2020

John 14: 27  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  Not as the world gives do I give to you.  Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.


My reading in the New Testament has been in the gospels lately (I read straight through, beginning to end, so it has been straight through the gospels for a couple of months, which is refreshing because my Old Testament reading every day right now is in the Prophets and that can be “rough”), and as I read about Jesus walking town to town the stories seem so peaceful.  So, I was talking to God about it and said, “you know I miss those days of peacefulness when I was a kid, growing up on the farm and riding horses without too many cares in the world.  It just seems as though everything for everyone was better back then, now no matter where you turn there is no peace and I sometimes wonder how can we enjoy everyday life when there is so much turmoil and heartache everywhere you turn!”  

That is when He reminded me that life on earth hasn’t been peaceful since Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden!  They had to deal with the fact that their son killed their other son and then was cursed by God.  Life was not peaceful after they ate the fruit of the tree they were told to stay away from.  It was the first time they ever felt fear and shame and from that moment on, there were struggles and heartaches.  

Life is full of struggles but our peace comes from God, not the world.  It doesn’t matter what is going on around us, we can have peace as we learn to put our trust in Him.  We can have true peace, the peace that only comes from Him!  He doesn’t want us to live in fear, no matter what is going on.  The world will be full of turmoil and disease until He comes to rule and reign on earth Himself. So when you look around and you are filled with anxiety over what is going on, remind your self that in the midst of it all you can have His peace.  Choose to live with His peace in your heart and it will free you up to strive to be all you can be for Him!  I know it isn’t easy, we all struggle with these things but you can know that His desire is for you to be filled with His peace today, knowing that He’s got you and He will see you through anything that comes your way!

Quote:  “Wherever you go….. go there with all your heart.”  Anonymous  

“Fear is misplaced worship!” ~

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