Do You Have The Confidence You Need ~

by | Dec 26, 2021

Ephesians 2:10,  For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.

He created you with a purpose and He has put in you what it takes to do it!  You are God’s masterpiece and He created you on purpose, for a purpose and He equipped you to do it.  The New Year is coming quickly and we all tend to have that feeling of new beginnings and an opportunity to start again. What are you wanting to accomplish in 2022? God wants you to move into all He created you to be and all He is calling you to, are you feeling equipped and confident, or is your self-esteem somewhere under the table?

Make sure that your self-esteem is found in who God says you are.  Your words about yourself need to line up with what He says in His Word.  Low self-esteem won’t get you anywhere and is not a form of being humble.  Being humble is recognizing God for Who He is and acknowledging who we are in comparison, but He would never want you to run yourself in the ground and he certainly isn’t behind anyone else doing that either!  He created you and every detail was important to Him.  When you look at a painting by a true artist you can see how every detail of that painting has a purpose and you can see how it all comes together to make something beautiful and that is how God created you!  Those things you see as weaknesses are there to help you rely on Him.  He doesn’t want you to go it alone, He wants to do this with you!  You are not random and neither is your purpose.  God has a plan and you are a part of that plan.  If you aren’t sure what His plan is ask Him to show you.  Dig into His word and walk closely with Him and He will reveal it to you.  Ask Him today what His dreams are for your life and then allow Him to work in and through you to accomplish it.  

Take a good look around.  Who else can you encourage and empower today with your words to accomplish all that God has created them to be?  We live in a very angry and self-driven world but we need to strive to come together as men and women of God to be His light and to accomplish together what we cannot do alone.  We are one body, this is not a competition and there’s not one of us who can reach everyone.  Together we can do so much more for Him by supporting each other and building each other up in Him.  Encouraging someone else does not take away from what God is doing in and through you.  Ask God to show you who could use His encouragement today and be His hands and feet.  

Give God your plans today and ask Him if they line up with His.  Give Him all of your heartaches and pain and ask Him to heal you.  Ask Him for His strength and confidence to accomplish what He has put before you to do.  Trust Him as you follow Him that truly His best is yet to come.

Quote:  “Do what you can with what you have where you are.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt