Do You Need To Set Some Boundaries

by | Sep 30, 2013

Proverbs 27:12   The prudent see danger and take refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

There are so many places in our lives that we may see danger and sometimes we just ignore it and keep going.  It usually depends on the order of our priorities.  Let’s take a look today at different areas where there may be danger in your life and maybe just maybe it is time to do something about in instead of continuing on and suffering for it.

Let’s start with relationships; do you have healthy boundaries in your relationships?  We cannot take responsibility for our husband, friends or children’s behavior and attitudes but we can set limits on what we are willing to allow to be said to us or how we will be treated and what we will put up with.  If you have a relationship where that other person feels they can talk to you just any way they choose or behave any way they want, it may be time to draw a line in the sand and say I will not tolerate being treated this way.  If you are in an abusive relationship it may be time to seek refuge, please at least seek counseling.

Now let’s take a look at relationship boundaries from another angle; maybe your relationships are not abusive and everything is healthy on your attitudes and behaviors BUT, where are your boundaries that protect those relationships?  Bill and I have chosen to set boundaries in our relationship to protect what we have.  Neither one of us will ride in a car with the opposite sex alone.  We don’t make a habit of just freely giving out hugs to the opposite sex in business scenarios.  We will never go out to eat with anyone of the opposite sex, business or not alone outside family members.  We do not carry on conversations with anyone of the opposite sex about anything personal.  The reason we have chosen to set those boundaries around our marriage is not because we don’t trust each other it is because we will not give Satan an open door to our marriage in appearance or otherwise.  For some reason the habit of being prudent in protecting our marriages and keeping things above reproach has become somewhat a thing of the past and then we wonder why the divorce rate is so high.  We need to take the time to set such a high priority on our marriages that we are willing to fight for them on every level!

On another note; what about your job?  Are there areas that you should set some boundaries because of the lack of integrity in your workplace?  I remember back when I worked at a resort in MI and I was the “Snow sports Sales Manager”  I was asked to participate in a ritual some employees were trying to start and it may seem silly but it was to rub this little statue of Buddha and pray for more snow for the winter.  I finally had to take a stand and tell them that it offended me greatly that they were doing it and I wouldn’t have any part of it.  It may seem like a small thing but I couldn’t bring myself to do that to God even if it was seen by most as a “joke”.  Is it easy to takes stands in your workplace?  No, and there were a lot of areas I should have set boundaries and didn’t and I am ashamed to this day because I didn’t.

Take inventory today and ask God to show you areas in your life where you are not doing anything about the prospective danger.  Ask Him to help you to stop so you don’t end up suffering from the consequences of just ignoring it and hoping it will go away!

Quote:   “We are often anxious to improve our circumstances, but are unwilling to improve ourselves; we therefore remain bound.”  James Allen, “As a Man Thinketh”

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  1. Sandy Johnson

    Have you and Bill ever thought about teaching a class to young couples considering marriage? You guys would be wonderful at that. It’s so needed these days. Just a thought 😉