Don’t Conform and Don’t Condemn…… So, Now What?

by | Oct 14, 2015

Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Don’t start down that slippery slope of conforming to everything the world is saying is ok. We are called to stand out and to stand for what is right. It all started with the idea that Christians needed to be more tolerant and now in the world’s mind it is just straight up wrong to take a stand against sin but God calls us to know what the Bible says and to stand for what is right!

We are not here to judge people but we are called to take a stand against sin. How exactly does that work? We are to love those around us but we are to stand against the sin. We are to speak the truth in love. You can love someone without accepting their lifestyle. You can reach out in love and set a godly example. Trust me, if you reach out to someone in love showing them that God cares about them and all they have been through, your stand on their lifestyle will more than likely be brought up by them, teach them in love. None of us can stand straight and tall saying we have never sinned! We are not in a position to judge, we are in the position to take what we have learned and lead. There are no benefits to getting into arguments with others on Facebook or other media related outlets just to prove you are right. Take the names of those people you see that are so incredibly mislead and pray for God to reveal the truth.

Know your Bible and what God has to say and then don’t be swayed to conform or be “tolerant” of what you know is wrong. Jesus paid the price for those sins and more importantly than proving we are right about how wrong the sin is we are called to lead them to Him! We are to show them how much God loves them and that He wants them to spend eternity with Him by accepting Him as their Savior! Don’t become pious in your attitude toward others, remember all that He has forgiven you for!

Ask God to show you the people around you that you can show His love to. Ask Him to give you the courage to lead them to Him! Be the example before you speak it.

“If you would lift me up you must be on higher ground.” Ralph Waldo Emerson