Don’t Get Distracted ~

by | Jan 10, 2023

Psalm 141:8, “but my eyes are fixed on you, Sovereign Lord;”

Have you ever been trying to work on something on your computer and there are ads that just keep popping up until they about drive you crazy?  Even when I pull up the Bible Gateway site sometimes there are ads on the side that I have to cover up or they catch my eye and are distracting to the point of almost giving me a headache.  Other times though, I have been doing something and an ad will pop up and I think, hmmm, that’s interesting and a half hour later I realize that I am lost in an ad and not finding what I got on my laptop for in the first place.  

The world is full of distractions and while some of them are good, others are not and you have to really be careful.  Abby and I were having the conversation again last night about always making the “best choices”, not just good choices.  Are the choices that you make for yourself and your family honoring God?  Are the things you read, watch, and listen to and that you allow your children to read, watch, and listen to, helping you grow in your walk with God?  It’s not easy, and I know it can be a tough thing for Abby being a teenager, but I also keep telling her that life on earth is brief in comparison to eternity and our purpose for life here is to serve God with our lives in a way that will draw others to Him.  It’s not exactly popular, but who are you living for?  All hell will come against you at times, but ~ who are you living for? 

This is for every area of your life!  Think about what God has given you to do, whether you are a stay-at-home mom, teacher, truck driver, you have your own business or you are retired, what is it God has given you to do?  Whatever it is, don’t get distracted from it.  There are a lot of good things that can be distractions too, but just don’t allow anything or anyone to draw you away from it!   

Don’t just go with the flow.  Get intentional about your walk with God and what you are allowing as distractions in your life.  There’s plenty of good to choose from if you look for it.  Unfortunately the bad is in your face all of the time so that is why you must fix your eyes on God!  If you fix your eyes on Him and you ask Him to guide you in all that you do you will find that He will show you.  

If your eyes are fixed on Him then you can have the faith you need when storms rage around you that He sees, He cares, and He will guide you through that too.  He loves you and He has a plan, don’t miss it because of the world’s distractions.  People seem to think it is somehow old school to devote your life to learning about God and serving Him with your life if you aren’t somehow in full-time Christian ministry, but what other reason do you think you are on earth for?  The world needs Jesus and the only way they will see Him in all of this craziness is for Christians to start taking their walk with God more seriously.  Dig in and get to know Him and how much He loves you!  Don’t miss out on learning about Him and how much He cares about you!  Learn to trust Him that if you will just follow Him then truly His best is yet to come in all that you do!

Quote:  “We are free up to the point of choice; then the choice controls the chooser.”  ~ Mary Crowley