Don’t Lose Hope, Be Encouraged

by | Jan 18, 2014

2 Chronicles 15:7  But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.

As much as we all know that we need to do right regardless of our feelings or those around us there can be times when you just get weary from the constant struggle and stress going on at the same time!  Some days you may feel so discouraged because no matter how much you do and no matter how hard you have sought God and the right answers you watch as others get answers or blessing as you trudge on waiting.  Don’t give up!  “…You, take courage!  Do not let your hands be weak for your work shall be rewarded.”

So often the toughest challenges and frustrations come right before God’s provision, blessing and rest from it all!  Continue to seek God with your whole heart, don’t believe the lies from Satan telling you it isn’t worth it.  Satan will do whatever He can to get you to give up and to go back to your own ways but that isn’t the answer!  It wasn’t the answer before and it isn’t the answer now!  God’s blessing and peace can only be found as you seek Him and follow Him, there’s no rest found in giving up!

When you get tempted to quit and give up ask yourself this:  “what am I going to gain that I wouldn’t have otherwise if I quit and give up waiting on God?”  Are you somehow going to “feel better” if you stop doing what you know you are supposed to do?  Is there going to be rest and blessing if you quit?  Probably not so why would you even go there?  Hold on to the Hope found only in God!  Hold onto His promises that He has a plan for you for good and not evil a plan to give you a hope and a future!

Take one day at a time.  Look at today as though this could be the last day you will have to put up with this or wait!  Tomorrow when you get up seek God again and face your day if it starts out the same believing that “today could very well be the day”.  Honor God with your words and your faith in Him!  Trust Him to bring it all to pass and rejoice that the day is soon coming!  Remain faithful and hold onto your hope in HIm, trust Him for the strength to see you through!

Quote:  “When there is no hope in the future there is no power in the present.”  John Maxwell