Don’t Stop Praying!

by | Dec 21, 2013

1 Thessalonians 5:17   Pray without ceasing

We should always have a mindset to pray!  What is your first reaction to things that happen unexpectedly in your life, do you freak out or start to worry or do you pray first?  Bill and I have really been working at making sure that no matter how small or big something may seem at the moment that we stop right there and pray about it.  We will stop for a moment and pray for each other if something comes up whether it is an issue with one of his flights as he travels or one of us is frustrated or struggling, we just stop what we are doing and say a quick prayer together.  Not only is prayer beneficial because you are taking it to God, it is beneficial because it encourages the person you are praying for!

I have often thought that if I spent the time in prayer that I should be for everyone and everything that I need to that is all I would do all day.  But it really only takes a little bit of your time to have your organized prayer time throughout the day, where you stop and pray over that list of people and things you need to pray for and then you can set your mind to pray at the drop of a hat, anytime, anywhere for anyone when you hear they need prayer.  Set your mind to be open to praying all day long, whenever and wherever it is needed.

God wants to hear from you!  He wants you to pour your heart out to HIm.  He never gets tired of hearing your voice, he created it.

Take time throughout your day to even pray and just praise and thank Him for Who He is!  Honor Him with your praise and watch how much it will encourage you when you need to pray about a struggle or a need.  Prayer will encourage you and those you pray for.  There is nothing like knowing that the God who created all is waiting to hear from you today.  Pray for yourself and your spiritual growth, take the time to pray for your family, take the time to pray for the requests on our prayer list, take the time to pray for our country and take the time to pray in order to thank and praise God.  With a list like that for things to pray about praying without ceasing doesn’t seem so difficult after all.  If you haven’t really been taking the time to pray like you know you should I would encourage you to begin today, don’t miss another moment that you could spend with Him!

Quote:  “We all find the time to do what we really want to do.”  William Feather