Don’t Wait For Trouble to Arrive!

by | May 14, 2023

Psalm 119:143, Trouble and anguish have found out, but your commandments are my delight.

The time to learn to love spending time in the Word of God is before trouble and anguish find you.  Life is full of struggles and “trials” and on the other side of it, there are also seasons of Joy.  I would like to encourage you today to spend more time in His Word so you can learn more about Him and His character.

God’s Word shouldn’t just be something you run to when trouble comes, it needs to be a part of your everyday life.  It should be what you are basing your daily decisions on.  The Bible is your absolutely foolproof guide for your life.  That doesn’t mean trouble and anguish won’t come, but trust me you will be better prepared for it when it does.

God loves you and He wants you to get to know Him better so you will learn to trust Him.  It’s difficult to trust others as it is sometimes, but how much more difficult is it if you don’t really know them?  The more you know Him, the easier it will be for you to trust Him when all hell breaks loose in your life.  The more you know Him the more you trust Him and the more you trust Him the more hope and faith you will have for every situation.  

Let’s face it the world is crazy and seems to be getting crazier by the minute.  We need God’s Word to guide us.  Now is the time to grow in your faith in Him.  No matter how dark it seems to be around you, trust Him to do what needs to be done and that He will do it in His perfect time.  He is faithful!  We need to strive to be more like Him and not like the world.  You have one life on earth to live ~ choose to live it for Him.  Spend time with Him, getting to know Him and His desires for your life.  Ask Him what is on His heart today.  Allow Him to guide you in all that you do so you can trust that truly His best is yet to come in your life!

Quote:  “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”  ~ Will Rogers

My goal is to have the E-Book ready and videos started by the end of the week at the latest! Watch for it ~ I will be posting the details soon!!!