Don’t Waste Your Talents

by | Jan 12, 2014

Exodus 31:1-5  The Lord said to Moses, “See I have called by name Bezalel the son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God with ability and intelligence , with knowledge and all craftsmanship to devise artistic designs, to work in gold, silver and bronze, in cutting stones for setting and in carving wood to work in every craft.

Whatever God has called you to do He has already placed all of the talents and intelligence you need in you to do it.  Work on those talents and perfect what you do but don’t waste them.  There is nothing more sad than to see someone whom God has gifted in an area to the degree that it is so obvious and either they don’t use it at all or they don’t use it for Him.

I know of people who are gifted in so many different areas, some may be considered ministry and others are considered artistic, but no matter what your talents may be you can use them for God.  Doing something for God doesn’t always mean you are doing it in or for the church, it may be that you have the ability to cook so you make meals for families when they are needing some help or you go to a shelter and volunteer your time and cook for the homeless or maybe you are just cooking for your family but your heart and soul are in it to bless others in your family with the love of God through your cooking.

See?  It isn’t what you are doing it is how you are doing it, it is a matter of attitude.  In Ecclesiastes 9:10 it says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.”  We can all use any talents God has placed within us to serve Him in a better way if we do it with the right attitudes.  It isn’t about us it is about Him!

We have a friend who is incredibly gifted by God in music but because he made some serious mistakes several years ago the church has never allowed him to use his talents again.  He was very repentant and confessed all and has moved forward in his walk with God and in his marriage but all of the music God has placed inside him is bottled up inside him.  It breaks my heart when I think about it.  Do you know someone like that or maybe that is you?  Are there gifts that God would love to still use but for some reason someone has shut them down?  Let me encourage you to pray today and ask God for restoration for those people who are truly seeking God and have gifts that they are not using to be used by Him again.  If you know someone that needs encouraging today in that area, pray for them, encourage them and ask God to show them how they can be used by Him again.  There is nothing greater than using all that God has placed within you to serve Him.

Quote:  “First we make our attitudes…… then our attitudes make us.”  Dennis Waitley


  1. Gwen

    Please join me in prayer for my son Troy he is so gifted musically and is shutting God out of his life. He use to sing in church & write Christian songs is so gifted. Pray he will turn over his life to God & restore his faith.

  2. Gwen

    Pray for my son Troy who is musically gifted that he will turn back to serving God. He use to sing in church & write music. Pray he will turn his life back to serving Christ.