Expanding With Upgraded Web Site – Your Help Needed

by | May 17, 2017

Ladies, you have no idea just how much I appreciate each one of you.  It’s been amazing to watch our community grow.  Nearly 4000 women are involved with Chocolate and God daily.  That just blows me away.  My heart is to expand what we do online at our web site.  As you know, Chocolate and God doesn’t charge for anything.  There is no money to be made.  My goal is to bless as many women as possible.  The new web site will of course feature our daily Bible study but I want to make room for other content.  We will expand with guest articles on what women are facing in life, encouraging video’s, even having the opportunity to update you on books you might like and have some fun recipes you can try at home.  The goal is to expand our community.  The cornerstone of what we do will always be the daily devotional but I believe there other area’s that would encourage you as well.  My husband has found the right person to build this site for us.  Bill has volunteered over the last 7 years to build our sites but it’s time to build something bigger than he is able to build himself.  The cost is $1,500 to build the site so we can expand content and encouragement.  All money received of course will go to Chocolate and God.

Would you help raise the budget to roll out a whole new website that will impact more women?  It would only take 15 friends that would consider a single gift of $100.  Please know that any gift would help this site get funded and built.  Chocolate and God is something that I have done for 7 years but it’s not a non-profit company so there is no tax deduction.  I just want to be up front and honest.  Chocolate and God is my gift to you and together we can reach more women on a daily basis if we come together as a community.

Two ways you can invest in this project.

1.)  Paypal.com, just put in this number 615-525-5570 and the money will arrive instantly.  PayPal is an easy way to send money.

2.)  There are three ways you can send money.  One of the easiest way is to use a web site  called CASHME.  You can sign up in 60 seconds and send a donation using a credit card or a debit card.  Go to https://cash.me and once you are set up just send money to what they call a CASH TAG and just put in ($chocolateandgod) and we’ll receive your gift instantly.  You can also download their CASH AP for your phone.

3.)  You can send a check to the following address.  100% of your funds will be ear marked for Chocolate and God.

Bill Scott Group

5016 Spedale CT  #112
Spring Hill, Tn  37174

I am so excited to expand what happens online.  Ladies from over 70 countries are using Chocolate and God and our website.  Together lets empower ladies to do great things for their family and God.  Our goal is to raise the money needed to build this new website by May 31st.  Thank you in advance for praying about joining me.  If this is not for you, please don’t worry, just pray for us.  I am believing the summer of 2017 will be record setting for reaching women around the world.  I am so honored that you would pray about joining me on this project.  If you have any questions, please email me.  I will keep you updated on how much has come in toward this amazing upgrade.

God bless,

Janet Scott