Give The Gift of Forgiveness

by | Dec 20, 2012

1 Samuel 24:17b  And he (Saul) said to David, “Thou art more righteous than I:  for you have rewarded me good, whereas I have rewarded you evil.”

I love this time of year, celebrating Jesus birth and getting together with family.  This is also one of the most difficult times of the year for a lot of people because the holidays seem to accentuate the loss in our lives.  It can also be difficult because of family and or friend struggles and disagreements.  I am amazed at the number of people that have family or close friends that are now at arms length or maybe even farther apart because of disagreements or unforgiveness.

Christmas should be a time not only of celebration but reconciliation.  If we truly want to celebrate the Lord’s birth then we need to forgive each other just like He has forgiven us.  We cannot be right with God if we are holding unforgiveness in our hearts!  Maybe someone has really done you wrong and you feel justified holding a grudge but is that what you really feel God would want you to do?  There is no personal growth if you are hanging onto something from the past.  That would be like standing on an escalator and as it is going up you are hanging onto a pole at the bottom so instead of riding up you are stuck struggling to stay where you are so you can hang onto that pole that is going nowhere!  It isn’t worth it!

David could have killed Saul several times over but he chose to do the right thing even though Saul was so hateful and mean to David to the point of wanting to kill him.  Is there a Saul in your life?  Is there someone you need to choose to do right by even though they aren’t doing right by you?  Maybe this Christmas season would be a good time to start.  Maybe that would be the gift you could give Christ this year, forgiving that person who maybe doesn’t really deserve it but you do it to honor Jesus.  I would encourage you if you haven’t heard the song yet, “Forgiveness” by Matthew West to listen to it, it can be pulled up on Youtube.

Quote:  “We cannot choose our relatives, but we can choose our thoughts – which influence us much more.”