God is So Much Bigger Than What You Are Facing Today! He Will See You Through

by | Jun 28, 2012

Psalm 5:11, 12   But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice:  let them ever shout for joy because thou defendest them; let them also that love thy name be
joyful in thee.  For thou Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favor wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

I would like to challenge each of us today to just set aside whatever else is going on in our lives and spend today worshipping God in all we do.  Now,
you know if you try this Satan is going to try to throw a monkey wrench into it but hold your ground.

Just try for this one day setting aside all of your frustrations in your life and focus on just enjoying the day and praising God for all He does for
us on a regular basis.  Put some praise and worship music on, it’s amazing how that will calm a household or frustrated mind down.  If thoughts start
to come to your mind about things you are frustrated or stressed about just push them aside and tell yourself, “not today, I am giving that to God today
and I will think about it tomorrow.”

Part of the reason I would like us to try this is because you would be amazed at how small those other things will become when you take a day to
focus on your God and take the time to notice just how great and how BIG your God is!  The main reason of course is because He deserves it.  Let’s
just do our best to come together with this today and as a group bless God’s heart.  This is our sacrifice to Him, we aren’t going to think about “what I
want or think I need” we are just going to praise Him for how wonderful He is and how thankful we are for such a loving caring God!  It’s only a day
ladies and I would just love for this to be our gift to Him today, there’s so much that goes on in this world that breaks His heart let’s set out to be
a blessing to Him today and show Him how much we care about His sacrifices and how thankful we are for His love and grace.

Quote:  “I have never met an unhappy giver.”  George Adams