God Will Do What He Has Promised!

by | Oct 30, 2012

Joshua 4:10  For the priests bearing the ark stood in the midst of the Jordan until everything was finished that the Lord commanded Joshua to tell the people, according to all that Moses had commanded Joshua.  The people passed over in haste.

I have to admit when I was reading this story once again, I thought to myself ‘I would have passed over in haste too with that huge wall of water standing there.’  Why do we do that?  Why is it that even just reading this story for the umpteenth time I can look at it and think that I would have been a bit intimidated by the water even though God had just told them what He was going to do?

We have situations in our lives all the time where God says He is going to do something and we get a “few steps” into it where maybe we haven’t really seen Him do anything about the situation and we begin to question if He has changed His mind or maybe we think that we have misread Him and He never really did promise to help.  Why Ladies?  It seems as though we have a bit of a trust issue with God at times and when things don’t either happen the way we thought they would or in our timing we begin to question if He is going to show up.

Now after I stopped and gave this passage more thought I began to wonder if they were passing over in haste out of fear or were they just so excited to see God do what He said He was going to do they could hardly wait to get there so they were obeying as quickly as they could by doing exactly what they were told without delay!  My thought would be it was the latter!  They couldn’t wait to see what God was going to do in this amazing Promised Land and they were believing Him and saw that huge wall of water as the 1st of many miracles to come because He had promised them and they knew He was good for His word!

What choice will you make today about all that God has promised to do in your life?  Will you choose to allow it to excite you and motivate you toward quick obedience or will you sit back depressed and anxious worrying about how you will ever accomplish it all on your own?  It’s your choice – you decide how you will spend your energies today.  I would encourage you to trust Him, if He said it, He will surely bring it to pass!  Get your stuff done that you know you can and should do and trust Him for the rest!

Quote:  “Beautiful light is born of darkness, so the faith that springs from conflict is often the strongest and best.”  R. Turnbull