God’s Plans For You Are Bigger Than Your Own

by | Sep 7, 2016

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Esther 7:1
So the king and Haman went in to feast with Queen Esther.

Esther was more than likely a very young teenager when she was called to be offered to the king. I am sure she was a bit bewildered and dazed about the whole situation. It must have seemed surreal to think there was any possibility of becoming the Queen. Little did she know not only was she going to become the queen at such a young age she was going to risk her life to save her people!

Esther never set out to be great, she was just obedient and followed God and obeyed Mordecai, her elder. I doubt as a little girl she ever thought there would be a chance as a Jewish woman that she would become the queen, it may have been a dream, but her reality probably told her that she would be lucky to just marry a good man and survive there. I am sure to a degree she was scared and feeling very inadequate for the position she was thrown into.

What about you? Are you wondering yet what the call of God is for your life? Do you feel as though you are just being swept along with the flow of life and you are doing your best to be obedient to God but don’t really feel called to do anything great? Neither did Esther, she was just being swept away by circumstances she had absolutely no control over and went on to do mighty things for God! Don’t underestimate what God is doing in your life today. You may feel somewhat lost and not knowing what to expect ~ trust Him! God always does things for a purpose, He moves us to different places for a reason, He gives us strange jobs sometimes – for a reason, He puts difficult people in our lives – for a reason, no matter what you are facing today it is – for a reason! God loves you and He has a purpose for it all so take heart and remain faithful to all He has called you to today no matter how trivial it may seem or how tough and frustrating it may seem, He will bless you for it in the end.

Hold on to His hand, know that He loves you, He has bigger dreams for you than you could ever have for yourself! The best is yet to come!

“Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.” J. Philip Everson