He Is Ready To Lead ~ Are You Ready?

by | Sep 11, 2023

Psalm 40:2,  He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps.

When you want God to lead you you must learn to allow Him to do just that. His desire is to establish your steps. We get in such a hurry that too often we want every answer right now.  We ask God about something and if we don’t feel He is answering in a particular time frame that works for us we move on and do our own thing.  Our world is fast-paced but God has all of the time in the world.  You must remember that while something feels urgent to you, He sees the whole picture while you are just seeing a tiny piece.  Fast is not always better and having God’s best for that situation is worth the wait even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.  Don’t miss out because you are in too big of a hurry to “get there”.

God has a plan, we all know that, and in order to follow that plan for your life you cannot be in a big rush for it all.  Impatience is a killer of true success.  Too many people are after the “get rich quick” schemes and instead of accomplishing more in a short period of time and having what God has planned for their life they find they have wasted years chasing pipe dreams.  Don’t do that!  God knows what is best all the time!  Not just part of the time, He always knows what is best for you!  Getting ahead of things or wanting things more than you want His plan will never work out for the best.  When I make homemade bread it takes me several hours.  (Part of the reason is because I use my Mom’s recipe and it makes about 8 loaves). While the dough is rising it smells so good and then while it is in the oven it smells even better!  When you smell the bread you may want a piece of it with some butter smeared on it, but you have to wait until it is fully baked.  Bread dough with yeast in it could kill you if you eat it before it is baked because the dough will rise in your stomach, It would at least make you very ill and in a lot of pain, it’s just a really bad idea.  You must wait for the entire process in order to enjoy the goodness of the finished product.  If you want God’s best, you must follow each step, don’t skip the ones that you aren’t fond of, and allow the process to mold you into all He created you to be.  When I was a kid I used to feel sorry for the bread when my mom would take each ball of dough she was forming into a loaf and she would “spank” it, but what I didn’t realize was that if she skipped that part, the bread would have air bubbles in it that would make huge holes in the loaves when they were baked.  Each step is necessary and while you may not understand, God has a reason for each and everything He may allow or bring into your life.  Trust Him!  He loves you and knows what is best!  He sees it all, He cares, and if you will just follow Him and wait on Him you can know that through it all, His best is yet to come!

Quote:  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  ~ Chinese Proverb