He Wants To Give You Strength And Sound Wisdom For Your Day

by | Nov 28, 2017

Please take a moment and share your prayer requests with us today and pray for others as well (also feel free to repeat your prayer request if you posted it but it has been a few days and you are still in need of prayer so it stays fresh in our minds:  CLICK HERE


Job 12:16
With Him are strength and sound wisdom; the deceived and the deceiver are his.

Victory is yours for the choosing! Satan may come against all that you have but He never has the upper hand on God – God owns him! Satan may be lying to you today about your situation trying to make you feel as though all is hopeless and lost but God is still on His throne and always will be, so Satan has nothing but lies to offer you today.

In the story of Job, Satan not only attacked him on every level he also sent Job’s friends to lie to him and condemn him. Have you ever had a friend that seemed to “kick you while you were down”? Worse yet, have you ever been the friend holding Satan’s hand kicking someone else when they were down? Don’t allow Satan and his lies to defeat you! Rise up and know that you have victory and that God is still in control and the best place you can be in today is to believe and trust God to bring what is best to pass!

Get on your knees today and ask God for His help, His wisdom, His protection and His victory in your situation then get up and praise Him for all He is about to do! His answer may not always be what you are expecting but His answer will come and it will always be the answer that is best for the “big picture” in your life. You may not see it all right now and understand but know that you can trust Him to do what is right and best.

Since we can see in this verse that strength and sound wisdom are from the Lord and that He owns the deceiver, Satan, then why do we allow Satan to continue making us feel defeated and down? Satan will never bring you truth or strength about your situation so rebuke Him and move on! Make sure that what you are speaking and believing about your situation line up with scripture and if it doesn’t then fix it! Start writing down and speaking the truth and you will find your strength for your situation will be renewed!

“You become what you think about.” Earl Nightingale


  1. Carol Jarrell

    When our church prays for our president I pray for him also. But I feel like a hipocrit because I don’t like him at all and wish he wasn’t our president. And sometimes they talk in church and I just want to say my opinion but don’t because I don’t want to offend them. But I feel like I’m being offended by some things that are said. Is it right to discuss politics in church?

    • Janet

      Personally, I wouldn’t probably discuss politics in church, but either way, think of it this way: If you don’t care for the President that we currently have, then that would be all the more reason to pray for him. Pray that he will surround himself with godly men and that he will allow God to work in his heart and life and give him the wisdom needed to run our country. It is Biblical to pray for our leaders in our government. The best thing you can do for anyone you don’t agree with is pray for them and pray that God will help you to see them the way He does.

    • Janet

      When you don’t like a President or other government official I would suggest that may be all the more reason to pray for them. Pray that God will give him godly people to surround him so he is being fed godly wisdom! Pray for their salvation! I personally would avoid talking about politics with others in church simply because it can cause walls between people that don’t need to be there! Most of us are not going to change our minds about who we vote for by arguing with someone, so it’s best to avoid the argument and pray. Satan is looking for any open door to bring division especially to the body of Christ. Know this, you don’t necessarily have to “like” someone to pray for them, the Bible tells us to pray for our enemies and I would suggest praying that God will give you His love for those people! You seem to have a great heart and are wise to not destroy relationships over political disagreements. The best is yet to come! 🙂 God Bless, Janet