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by | Jun 12, 2015

Janet Scott

Janet Scott

Ladies, I receive so many comments about how Chocolate and God is impacting so many lives both through the daily devotionals and the radio features.  Every penny earned from this campaign and book goes back into Making Chocolate and God possible! I need your help to reach more women, I’ll tell you about that in a second.  I received this letter just a few weeks ago.

“I want to say how perfect Gods timing is and how he somehow manages to be there for me at the exact right moment. I’ve been dealing with the lost of my family and have prayed for over 6 months for the Stressed businesswomanrestoration. It wasn’t until about 2 months ago I gave up holding on to my plan and decided to let God be God. Depressed still and crying in my car on my lunch breaks which have been my routine for so long, I cried out to God and told him “God,I don’t know for how much longer I will be in this situation, If this is the path I need to walk to lead me to you, let me tell you something, I will keep walking it! But would you please my Lord hold my hand and walk right beside me” I was listening to the Joy FM and heard your commercial how you have been a single parent for 14 years (and here I am in my first year and losing it). I looked up your blog and wow was I amazed. The perfect message, He is working the details and he does have a plan for me and my family, even if I don’t see it. Thank you for taking the time every day to write daily encouragements that reminds us God is with us. You truly touch people’s lives. God bless!”

 ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT TO HIT THE GOALChocolate and god

I’ve been writing Chocolate and God for over four years.  I’ve never asked anyone for support of any kind.  This has been my gift to you, friend to friend.  Ladies, the day has come where I need your help.  I’ve just finished a 365 daily devotional for women, it also has 52 killer chocolate recipes as well.  I really believe that this book needs to get out to the public.  So many more ladies need encouragement daily.  Would you stand with me financially to help make this happen?  The book will be available in paperback, hardcover and digital for your phones, tablets and computer.  Ladies will be able to find the book on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.  The book will be made available to Christian bookstores across the country as well.

I am using Kickstarter to raise the money needed.  You need to know if we don’t hit our full goal, your card will not be charged a penny.  We have some wonderful gifts for different levels of giving.  Please CLICK HERE and watch my video and read about the details of this wonderful outreach.

My heart for years has been to reach ladies with encouragement.  I really believe in my

heart that this will touch so many lives and expand our community.

This fundraiser for the book will only be for 14 days.  I’ll give you daily updates as to where we are.  Please pray with me that the

budget can be raised to get this book published.  Our goal is to have the book available to the public this October.  For all the details and to make a gift, CLICK HERE.  Again, no card will be charged unless we hit the full goal.  Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.  Together we are going to reach thousands of women for Christ.  Our mission is “Empowering Women In Their Every Day Life.”

Some of our gifts to you for your financial gift are the following.  I’ll be signing both paperback and hardcover books to be sent out to those who give.  I also have special chocolate from DeBrand’s Chocolate to be sent to your home.  This is my favorite chocolate in the whole wide world.  We are sending out our Chocolate and God t-shirts for the very first time.

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CLICK HERE to see all the details about giving towards this book and how to receive some of these awesome gifts.

God bless,

Janet Scott