His Desire Is To Perfect His Love In You

by | Jun 17, 2018

1 John 4: 12b
if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.

God’s desire for us is for us to be filled more and more with the love of God for other people. He wants to perfect His love in us so others see Him in us. Is it your desire to be that filled
with His love?

There’s a lot of anger out there today! Do you tend to respond with anger toward someone who
is angry with you? The times I have found that it is toughest to respond correctly is when
I am already hurting inside or frustrated with my own situation. When someone is rude or hateful, our tendency is to want to retaliate but that doesn’t show His love for that the person!
I have found the saying “hurt people, hurt people”, to be true, so that is what we need to keep in mind when someone lashes out. Do your best to not take it personally and move forward. Pray for them and ask God for the strength to just move on! Sometimes the best love you can show is to just not respond if you can’t respond with kindness. It isn’t always easy to respond correctly when someone says something hurtful, but you will be better off in the long run.

Is there someone that you know that could use a little extra love today? Are they struggling or hurting and maybe they could use the simple comment that you care and are praying for them. Maybe they just need you to listen, even though they know you can’t say or do anything to fix what they are facing. Stop for a moment and ask yourself what you can do today to bless someone around you with the love of God. Start exercising showing His love to everyone He puts in your path. Ask Him today to show you opportunities to change lives by showing His love. Ask Him to fill you with His love for other people, especially when you have someone in your life that just seems difficult to love. God wants to perfect His love in you, but you must be intentional in showing that love on a daily basis.

“It’s in the struggle itself that you define yourself.” ~ Pat Buchanan

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