His Will

by | Dec 12, 2022

Colossians 1:1 Paul an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, and Timothy our brother.

I know, that is a strange verse to begin a Bible study with isn’t it, but do you know the will of God for your life?  Paul thought he knew what God’s will was for him when he was running around the country killing anyone who was a Christian until God stopped him!  Well, let’s face it now, we can’t all be like Paul (in this case I am not sure we would want to) riding down the road one day and you are stopped by God, Himself, shining a bright light down, blinding you and asking you what on earth you think you are doing because that is not His will for your life!

Finding the will of God for your life is as important today as it ever was!  You are here for a purpose and it is important, very important, for you to fulfill your God-given purpose.  It is amazing to me, and I am guilty of this very thing, how often we try to stuff God’s will into a “box” that works for us!  Examples: 

  *  “I need a job and even though this one compromises my integrity a bit, it seems as though it’s ‘right’.”  But have you prayed about it?

  *  “I want to get married and this guy asked so it must be God’s will.”  But have you prayed about it?

  *  “No one else is serving in this area in church and even though I am already in charge of too many other things, I will do it”  Have you prayed about it?

  *  “My daughter wants to be able to hang out with and spend the night at that friend’s house that all of the other girls are going to, but I’m not sure.”  Have you prayed about it?

  *  “There’s a big purchase we ‘feel’ we need to make and it is something we have wanted for years.”  But have you prayed about it?

  • “I feel like moving out of this area!”  But have you prayed about it?

Now, maybe you have prayed and maybe God’s answer is what you expect, but what do you do when it isn’t?  Have you ever taken something that “looks” like the will of God and tried to stuff it into what you have planned instead of making sure that it is His will?  “I want a family and I need a husband in order for that to work, so this one will do and you stuff him into your box for the will of God.”  “I want to live in California, but I need a job ~ there’s an opening and I will take whatever comes along.”  Hmmmmm, we make decisions like that and then we get upset when down the road things start to fall apart.  What happened to pouring ourselves into the Word of God and prayer before making decisions regardless of how great or small the decision seemed?  Some of the things I listed seem as though they are good things to do, like filling a position at church, but not if you are taking the place of someone else that God wants to do it.  I remember being a young Mom of 3 children and taking on being in the choir, I was in charge of the nursery, I taught Junior Church every Sunday, and my husband and I also did the bus ministry.  One day the preacher’s wife pointed out that I was robbing anyone else in the church of the opportunity to serve even though my heart was in the right place and she was right and when I gave up some of those responsibilities I was better at the few I did.  God’s Will is also for you to have Balance in your life!  You must reserve time for God, your family, yourself, and work.   On the other side of that, maybe you are sitting in church and you have the time and talents but have been unwilling to serve.  Don’t sit by and watch someone else do jobs in the church because you somehow feel they are beneath you.  Jesus served! 

Don’t try stuffing God’s will into the box you have set for it!  Pray diligently for Him to show you what His will is. I have found in life that God’s will is often ever-changing because of the Big picture and we are not always locked into that 1 thing that some like to call God’s “perfect will”.  God’s plan is for you to follow Him in all you do and to ask Him before you just jump into or stay in something that ‘seems right.   Don’t move to a new place just because other people in your family or friends are.  We all want to claim the verse Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you…….” and yet instead of seeking out those plans so we can claim that the plan is for our good instead of evil, we have determined on our own what we want God’s will to be in the situation and then we still want His good from His plan.  It doesn’t work that way!  If you truly want God’s best for your life then you need to make sure you are seeking it.  Take the time to seek His will and ask Him to show you any decisions you are making without His guidance.  Ask Him to be bold in revealing His will for your life!

Quote: “Reputation is what others think about you; character is what God knows about you.”  Adrian Rogers