Hold Onto Your Joy

by | Nov 24, 2013

Psalm 16: 11    You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

If you are lacking joy today take the time to wrap yourself in the presence of God.  Spend some time with him listening to praise and worship music, reading His word and just soaking up everything about His presence.  If you are lacking joy you may be too focused on your struggles instead of Him.

Ladies, we all get so busy trying to do and keep up with all that we need to get done and let’s face it, it is easy to lose your joy at that point.  We are busy on a normal schedule let alone the closer it gets to the holidays.  As the time gets closer and the kids are out of school and you have to find something to keep them busy so you can get the extra baking, cleaning, shopping and cooking done and then if you have relatives coming in, you want to be sure you have everything in order for them to be comfortable, the list could go on and on this time of year!  Let me encourage you to pause today for a moment and recapture your Joy!  It’s the time of year to focus on Thanksgiving and Joy, not just a time to be a frantic wreck, hoping it is all over soon!

Take a look at your list, pray over it, ask God to make known to you what is important and maybe what you need to let slide this year or delegate to someone else!  (That is for home, church and at work)  Make sure that this year you don’t get so caught up in the doing like Martha in Luke chapter 10 that you miss out on sitting at Jesus feet like her sister Mary and soaking up His goodness and joy!  Take this time of year and truly make it a time to focus on Him and all of His goodness and you will have the joy you were meant to have for the seasons and all year around!

Quote:  “Wisdom is knowing the right path to take, integrity is taking it.”  M.H. McKee

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  1. Myrtle

    It is so true..live in the moment and try not to let the busyness take over that you lose the real important things…important things are not really, did I make the pumpkin pie, but when can I spend some real time with my relatives that are coming in or friends, ….make time for them..always make time…things are things, relationships are very important and delegating is good…it may not be exactly the way you would do it, but does it really matter as long as it gets done ? I am a cancer survivor and when I got that diagnosis it hit me like a ton of bricks. One thing a cancer survivor does is become anxious each time there is another test to check how you are doing. We know that time is precious and no matter what ,relationships are what really matter….not the pie or the right bow or the right paper to wrap something. Time is the one thing you cannot buy and cannot get back…trust in God that He will help you redeem the time you are given just in case next year you or someone you love is called home…Make memories , and take pictures and videos…they will bless you and others as well…give hugs and you will not regret it….