How Can We Pray For You Today?

by | Jan 30, 2016

rp_prayer-icon7-300x203.jpgThere is nothing like walking through life alone, especially when you are struggling.  I think we have all been there at some time or another.  That is why we created the prayer room at Chocolate and God.  What I love most is that when you post your prayer request, you’ll be prayed for multiple times from women around the world.

I would encourage you not to walk it alone.  Let others walk with you and support you in prayer.  CLICK HERE to post in our prayer room.  Please share with others that this is available for them as well.

(We are trying to make it so this post is not emailed to everyone but in the mean time we do believe so many need prayer and want to make sure this is being offered.  Just know we are working on it.)

God bless,

Janet Scott


  1. Sue Obenauer

    I just want to thank you for praying for my situation with my elderly mom and step father , married only a few years.. he’s 90 and has 6 retired children who are upset he married someone who was on the brink of dementia – we didn’t know this was happening- and it’s just me – no sibs or help – where I have moved in to help care for both of them. He told me he was to the limit after a “twilight episode” with mama and didn’t wish to stay with my mom anymore – it put me into a tailspin – what to do with mama- she didn’t qualify for Medicaid and now I would need to find someone to care for her while I work. In normal Christ-like fashion, God came swooping in at the very last minute and my step father had a changed of heart, saying he loves my mom and wants to stay with her until we are forced to find a better solution in her care. I had exhausted all options and was thinking out of the box.. I came to you desperate for prayer and direction. Thank you so much for your prayers and care for me. In all of this, I haven’t been able to eat much or sleep at all and after being a picture of health for the past few years – eating a plant-based diet and taking up running, I find out i have an auto immune disorder called Lichen Sclerosis that has stopped me in my tracks. – I know God is in control. And this Lichen disorder does not define me. I have to be well to take care of my parents. So I am asking God to fix my body and help me stay strong for what’s to come. Thank you so much for this beautiful ministry, Sue xoxo

    • Janet

      Sue, we will be praying for you. I copied and posted this so it’s in our prayer room.