How Can You Do The Job if You are Only Receiving a Couple Hours of Training a Week

by | Jul 14, 2018

James 1:22
But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

Do you remember the old Lays Potato Chip commercial ~ “Bet ya can’t eat just one”? It was a great campaign because it burned the reality in your mind that typically it is tough to eat just one of something you love! Whether it is chocolate or potato chips or maybe cashews, whatever it is, it is hard to just have one, you want to have your fill of it, you don’t just want a teaser!

We need to work on our spiritual lives until we can’t just settle for “one”! One little day (typically Saturday or Sunday) to hear, one little chunk out of our week to learn more about Him. It is really difficult to learn and apply something to your life if all you are getting is a sample teaching once a week! Can you imagine starting a new job and your new boss informs you that you have a lot to learn and you will be expected to do what is expected on the job, but for the next year they were only going to take a couple hours out of 1 day a week to teach you what you need to know. It would take you years to learn what you needed to know at that rate. You would be fired if you were supposed to do your job to it’s full extent with that tiny bit of training and yet that is all the training half the Christians around the world do for God!

How can you learn what you need to learn, to live the life you are called to live, if all you are getting is a little sermon once a week and you dabble the rest of the time! In order to grow to our fullest potential and to make sure that we are not just hearing, but doing what God says to do, we must spend time getting to know as much about Him as possible!

Now, since you are here, obviously you are striving to spend more time with Him, so let’s each find at least one other person to encourage on a regular basis to pursue that close relationship with God! Let’s seek out others to encourage! Maybe you should host a Bible Study in your home or maybe you could invite someone to a small group in your church and if you haven’t joined a small group yet yourself, now would be a great time to ask someone to join one with you! Pray for God to help you apply all that you are learning and at the same time reach out to share that with others. Let’s work at getting to the point where “just one” day a week isn’t enough because our desire to learn more about him is that overwhelming! The best is yet to come!

“Life begins when you do.” Hugh Downs

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